Khan Academy has hands on projects now / general web roundup
Hands-on projects at Khan Academy? So it begins.

In fact, there’s even a “lead of applied learning” position at Khan Academy (ran across this while browsing the SXSWEDU schedule)  who is “focused on leading and supporting a variety of strategic initiatives and creating project based learning content.
Vibrobots / brushbots: an alternative to using toothbrushes (and cutting up new ones or something) for a class is to use business cards! See howtoons: “Introducing Gami-Bots!“. Pretty awesome.

In other news, I am going to linkdump from facebook because it’s hard to search through facebook posts.

There’s actual less-derpy flying hexapods now:

Now they just need to write the code to make it dance… Also apparently going to be on kickstarter soon, like everyone else’s projects ever.

Additionally, there’s a simulation game for making robots covering things like drivetrain tradeoffs now/soon/in-the-making! Exciting.

I discovered pinterest, or rather pinterest for hexapods:

2009? How did I miss this? ^^

it actually walks!

That same term, lasercut mechanism, on google pops up a BS in MechE thesis by one of my classmates, @JoshRamos
It’s a paper about trying to make a lasercutter. Has good background information, so goes on my toread list.
According to +peter krogen on facebook,

Peter Krogen · mmm laser cutter made of legos Its a shame he didn’t build it in 2012, then he could have used the new 2w 445nm diodes (which have much better beam quality) that were available a few weeks after he turned in his report.

Additionally, discovered this on a list of startups at the ongoing San Francisco Hardware Meetups, a folding portable kayak:

origami kayak!

Finally, I am going to be addicted to this site, I just know it. There is now a robotics StackExchange site: