xbee xctu v6.1.0 cannot set field ATMY / ATDL / ATDH / etc to zero

The XCTU software is a little buggy, if you cannot get rid of the DH (set it to zero) after accidentally setting it to something nonzero, go into the console tab, hit connect
  • Add a packet — “+++” .
  • Send selected packet — you should get an “OK” in response letting you know the device is awake. Note that the device falls asleep fairly quickly.
  • Add packet — “ATMY[enter]” (the enter is important!). Send it. You should receive the current MY back.
  • To change the DH, add a packet — “ATDH0[enter]” and send it. You should get “OK” back.
  • Add a packet — “ATWR[enter]” and send it. You should get an “OK” back. This writes changes to flash.
  • You can hit disconnect, unplug and re-plug in the xbee, reconnect it, and let XCTU read all the values to double-check that you changed the value you wanted to change.
Yes, essentially you are using a giant GUI to use a commandline in windows to program your xbee. roflcopter.
XCTU also doesn’t run on linux. :/ ugh xbees.
posting, because I wasted a few hours and Shane also wasted time on this same bug. Sigh. Software, GUIs *shakes head*