is located in the 7th Congressional district of Georgia.The representative for this district is:Rob Woodall Republican (where is climate and women’s rights??)

Candidates Elected: Officials Elected Statewide
District Maps: Congressional District Maps
U.S. Congress: District 007
Georgia Senate: District 048
Georgia House: District 097
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Rainbow!~ Challah (Pt2)

Only a year late (for pt2), but following on part 1 (rainbow heart cookies), rainbow challah!





Eh, it’s late so here’s a photodump instead.

  1. make sure to use gel food coloring, not normal food dyes (which are watery and won’t give you vibrant colors)
  2. make challah dough. You’ll need:
    yeast, eggs, salt, all-purpose flour, honey, and optionally butter
  3. 1/3 is white and the remaining 2/3 are split evenly among the colors (six for a full rainbow).
  4. leave it sitting for an hour under a moist paper towel (so it doesn’t dry out) until it’s doubled in size 😀
  5. braid it (see youtube)
  6. for ours, we smushed the colors side by side, then cut it into six chunks long-ways, then stretch each of the six chunks out, and THEN we braided the chunks together.
  7. So each “strand” of the braid by itself had six colors, so braided together it became super colorful!
  8. if you want, put egg white + cinnamon paste on it (you can see we made two kinds)
  9. put it in the oven (at 350F for half an hour or so, until it’s a golden brown)
  10. slice and eat 😀