Change calendar that clicking on creates events on

I often use the interface to quickly add events. However, I was frustrated as sometimes I want to quickly add events to a calendar that was not my default calendar (the one that is automatically created for you when you first use google calendar).

The key is to make sure that the only visible calendar is the calendar you wish to add events to. The use case below: I’m using a calendar for “time tracking” to see roughly what I’m spending time on and block out what I plan to spend time on.

Screenshot from 2017-11-27 04-47-34

If you view any other calendar (that is, more than one calendar is  displayed), then google calendar reverts back to adding events to the “default calendar”.

Screenshot from 2017-11-27 04-49-51


Two articles I first read, before I realized that I don’t need to change my default calendar (I was searching for “change calendar google adds to by default”) in order to change the calendar clicking on the website adds to.!category-topic/calendar/desktop-computer/mac/suggest-new-feature/user-interface-and-views/QC677YHArmE!category-topic/calendar/desktop-computer/mac/suggest-new-feature/user-interface-and-views/QC677YHArmE

copy and pasting to/from vim with middle click (on ubuntu linux)

I used to have this very clunky way of copying and pasting from/to vim. All these tutorials online would have these “settings” you could add to .vimrc that were supposed to make it possible to “yank to a special register” or something, but I could never get them to work. So instead I would

:set nonu (get rid of line numbers)
:set mouse=c (allow for a cursor to select text)
Use mouse, highlight section,  shift-ctrl-c
Then ctrl-v somewhere else.

At some point I was looking over a friend’s shoulder and discovered a much better way. The key is to install a different version of vim.

sudo apt remove vim
sudo apt install vim-gnome

Now, I keep my mouse mode in

:set mouse=a

Then highlight text using the usual vim commands (shift-v and then any of the movement keys, such as “w” and “h” etc.)

Finally middle-click to paste the text elsewhere.

If you’re getting the beginning of text cut off when you paste into vim, make sure you’re in “mouse=a” and not “mouse=c” mode. In the latter, text will paste, but some of it will get cut off.