Pandemic Diary #51 – five baby birds (carolina wren) (May 3)

did I mention the bird eggs all hatched 6 days ago??

they started out looking like the stuff out of nightmares. Here’s a bunch of stills from videos. (We also have the other view of the mom/dad coming in and feeding. But I chose ones here that kind of showcase the feathers coming in)

evening april 27: one bird hatched. will the rest make it??
oh. oh my. stuff of nightmares. day 1 after hatching
day 2: eww.
day 3: still nightmare fuel
day 4, the hair coming in helps a lot with the ick factor
day 5, i wonder if the feathers growing in is painful, they sure do wiggle around a lot.
day 6: looking like dinosaurs

Pandemic Diary #50 – continuous internal screaming (May 1)

i have mostly given up on internships which frees up my mind to FREAK TF OUT about turning something in for NeurIPS in May 19th.


okay so i have at least submitted 12 apps, so …

+ have started on which is fun b/c you can see other people’s answers after! also super reality check i am not as good at coding as i thought lol

the inaudible hunt I helped organize / wrote for went well, almost 50 team/people completed the hunt

I wasted the life of at least 46 people

tomatoe plants are growing bigger finally but they are also yellowing out. nitrogen deficiency, underwater, or some bacterial infestation? they’re getting chewed on but not sure by what

roses are doing ok this is fun always meant to learn more about CTF

PicoCTF: Let learning happen through exploration. The largest cybersecurity hacking contest for middle and high school students has expanded to help learners of all experience levels. (For the RSA section challenge question: is the private key 4966306280016000? for phi = (p-1)*(q-1). The solution is not given :'( )

duckietown arrived. noted that back in stock on okdo… waste of $70 T__T to get it shipped from HK. however, I could not have known. ready to livestream my experience with it. “mit grad attempts duckietown course with dad. how many ducks will they run over?”

also omg i got my 2nd moderna shot on monday, so close to fully vax yayyyyy . definitely was out of it the day after, all i wanted to do was sleep, got up for an hour and was exhausted. day after that was just a little headachy and sleepy. v-safe is a disaster, does not work on my phone inexplicably.

tried to get drs appointment now that i have health insurance (thanks obama) failed b/c all the dr’s are busy RIP. i should try again.

my rent situation for summer was under control and now it is not, person backed out on me 🙁 now contemplating, for $2500/mo i could live in penthouse? i feel like i lived that already overnighting at northeastern in the robotics 5th floor lab already lol

goals: finish book , start on basement. automatic mushroom mister.

oh we ate the mushrooms! they tasted like MUSHROOM STOCK maybe needed to boil-rinse once first. not sure a second flush will grow, looking a little moldy

so pessimistic about the future. gotta remember there will be unexpected happy points too.

what was i passionate about anyway? i kind of fell into grasping. it’s cool, but the immediate applications in helping people are a while away.

changed my desktop to chinese (in ubuntu 20.04). PDF render looks eldritch. automatic internationalization gone wrong (this happens to all PDFs in box).

looks fine under dropbox preview, or opening directly in browser. maybe i’ll report it as a bug