Pandemic Diary #58 – sandwich (02 Jul 2021)

reading about junk food on BBC for Chinese practice, came across this fun fact: 明治 is meiji, but add a three 三 and it becomes 三明治 sandwich !

In my defense at not recognizing “sandwich”, I was totally waylaid by the idea of a “fourth generation sandwich.” Turns out there is actually an “Earl of Sandwich” !

The phrase then reads “England’s 4th Earl of Sandwich” (according to wikipedia you use “4th” and not “Fourth” here??).

Been feasting on tofu snacks lately, as well as lychee jellies. I bought them to give for friends in Boston but now my travel there is delayed (flights were full even on Wed!) and I haven’t been able to resist

Built up a “racecar” track, surprisingly fast with two people. just used an exacto on the yellow dotted lines. for the edx duckietown self-driving cars class

ate some tomatos finally?!

the succulent seedlings are coming along nicely.

there seems to be a real difference in seed viability between 5 year old seeds and 1 year old seeds.

news lately: miami surfside collapse 🙁 at india pandemic seems to have eased from height (those awful pictures of rows and rows of funeral pyres… almost anyone Indian I know has family members who passed 🙁 ), yea just a lot of talk about the delta variant (it took about a week for the name changes to sink in for everyone) and it’s transmissiblity and impact on China, Australia’s former covid free zones. vaccination has slowed in the US which was a bit depressing to see. now you can get vaccines without an appointment, walk-in. trying to see about getting a covid test since i will be traveling; seems like it’s only covered if i have symptoms. been kind of hypochondriac after going to the dentist. in fact after i went to the hmart nearby and was in there and realized i’d just gone in there to kill time and i didn’t actually have anything i actively needed to buy! and the intense heat waves in seattle and canada killing dozens of people (boston was at 99F this week). the volcano in dr congo.

double rainbow — did you know the second rainbow is always reversed?