fried pumpkin cakes – a three ingredient dessert

i had a lot of pumpkin cakes when i went to china, 南瓜饼

around pumpkin season in the US (you know when the pumpkin spice starts appearing), I started having cravings

pics from 2 Oct 2021
the three ingredients

I followed recipe from

Chinese Pumpkin cakes 南瓜饼 (Nan Gua Bing)

basically, 400g puree, 300g glutinous rice flour (from market basket), 40g sugar, mix it all together, divide into patties and fry

note 1: fold flour in a bit at a time

note 2: though in my case I used more rice flour than 300g because it was too sticky (I think the canned puree is more watery than IRL puree?),

here’s some pictures of my process

note: you can see different variations of the recipe in chinese here

virtual environment python not found / can’t be selected on vs code

quick note to self:

for my environment I usually set it up in a random folder (most people seem to set it up in ~/.env) and vscode has difficulty finding it

(in which case it keeps saying “Running cell with Python xxxx 64-bit requires ipykernel package” since I only install my packages in my virtualenv)

Here is how I solved it:

Put in the User settings (in this case I’m working remotely (via remote ssh extension) but applies locally too)

And then put a defaultInterpreterPath into the settings

    // "python.pythonPath": "~/v3/bin/python",
    "python.terminal.activateEnvironment": true,
    "python.defaultInterpreterPath": "~/v3/bin/python",

And then it shows up when I change the kernel (see third option):


May require a .vscode folder (with empty settings.json) in the parent repository?