This site created by Nancy (orangenarwhals) in Feb 2015 order to have fun creating things. The focus is on quantity over quality: practice, practice, practice.

Monday Music A new piece of music, speech, or podcast every Monday. As flash fiction is to writing, so monday music is to music-making. or something.
Tuesday Terrible Startup Ideas A new terrible startup idea every Tuesday. From concept, to user interviews, to wireframes. An exercise in product design and idea iteration.
Wednesday Writings A new piece of writing every Wednesday. Flash fiction, poetry, generative text, ascii art, whatever involves text is suitable for Wednesdays.
Thursday Robots A new robot every Thursday. Loosely, any electromechanical object is suitable (no, twitterbots do not count).
Friday Fotovideos A new photograph or video every Friday. Street photography, tutorial videos, timelapse videos, those all belong to Fridays.
Saturday Scribbles A new scribble every Saturday. Whether it is webcomics (An Incoherent World), typography, propaganda posters for the Hexapod Revolution, or random scribblings, it belongs to Saturdays.
Sunday Silly Papers A new silly academic paper idea every Sunday. We show how everyone in the world, including people on the internet, can be a scientist by addressing the silly everyday questions with scientific rigor.

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