China Makerspaces Visit Planning

I’m hoping to / planning on visiting Chinese makerspaces between end of term (12/19 for me, as I have not finals) and IAP (January 9).
[last updated: 11/24/2011]


  •, active as of november 2011
    • Saturdays, 14:00 – 16:30 (gcal sidebar)
    • ch.makerspace,
  •   SZDIY (shenzhen diy lab) active as of today november
    • 聚会Every Thursday / 每周四 19:00~22:00
    • 答:Seeedstudio 是深圳创客空间(Chaihuo)的主要赞助商,Chaihuo与SZDIY目前达成协议在特定时间(每周四晚)免费提供聚会场地给SZDIY社区使用来举办固定聚会
    • szdiyadm,


  • (both flamingoeda and gkfab have been subsumed by this, active as of october EDIT 11/24 active.)
    • meetings every Tuesday 20:00 to 22:00 (
    • open every day (according to email correspondence 22 nov 2011)
    • (last update july)
    • GKFab (not alive?)
    • We have weekly meeting at Tuesday night, and workshops at weekend. The space is opened every day, and you may want send us a mail before you come so we can make sure there is some members in the space
    • bjmakerspace,
  • yff — not sure if it’s actual makerspace looks corporate or spam. 


  • hackerspaces@gz (1 member?)
  • HTG (not active since 2010)
So looks like I should try to make Shanghai and Shenzhen, possibly Beijing although that’s covering a lot of ground in a week (mmm transportation costs). Guangzhou ones seem dead, which is a pity since that’s actually close to Shenzhen.

Ooh look! Someone I know is there! Star Simpson is apparently in China until January or so. And Maja Wichrowska (roomies shoutout!) is in Beijing for the semester. o.o Whoa. A lot of people I know are in China…
=== 1st, 1600 EST

  • (no response, dec 2011)
  • (no response, dec 2011)
  • Tokyo hackerspace (contacted via form):
    • Tokyo HackerSpace has an open meeting every Tuesday night, from 7 PM. 
    • Unlike most other hackerspaces, our members have very little free time, and as such, the space is not in constant use. Our members have a key, and can come any time they like, but its hard to predict when that will be.
    • I would highly suggest that you join our google group and introduce yourself and your schedule there: You’ll have a better chance at finding what everyone is up to, and when they can meet up.
? None in Taiwan nor Korea.
Visas and Passport Renewal
Proxy Chinese Visa service: e.g. (also does passport, also well-designed site)
Emergency Passport-ness:

I found a local Chinese company helping with visa application:
最便宜的机票+最优质的服务$170 total /1 year multiple entry。 If you fill out the form. Sounds reasonable. close to what they charge here.It is close to T. ~5 walking from T station. 2 stops from harvard (outbound).Go to the web site, fill out the file and print out. take 1 2×2 picture, the passport valid for 6 month and blank page .
经纬旅游 Boston 617-426-3123
electronicky shanzhai 山寨
and also awesome book: which is a fantastic romp around gaming culture, economics, and unions.
more on shanzhai
more on shenzhen
the linked article is account-walled so here is the article


1 Transportation FCU
55 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142
Driving Directions
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1.16 mi

=== Options: personal tours. Or get MIT departmental backing (talk to Anne Hunter / Brandy Baker) for report publication, go in officially.

=== Oh hey look, someone wrote about MITERS in Chinese.
“not the game, nor is it the job, just love” Thanks, google translate 🙂

update 2 dec 2011
according to David of shanghai’s xinchejian, There are current 4 in China. OnionCapsule in Hangzhou is the first student lead hackerspace in the China Academy of Fine Art by a group of new media art students. They have a public performance scheduled on Dec 24. If visiting hackerspaces is one of the goal of your trip, I’d suggest you visit them at this event. It’s crazy party and a lot of fun. 

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