CNC Petri BioArt, introduction (no build yet)

it occurs to me that i should explain what bioart is, for those who’ve never heard of it

or specifically, what i mean in terms of my project: “bioart” = streaking petri dishes with bacteria the glow (fluoresce or bioluminesce).

people have done it by hand for ages (this site used for reference for DIY broth too)

and these are the different colors i wanted to use (clearly, it’s end of term so i won’t have time this semester…)

and to use a pen-plotter system (xy axis gantries) + appropriate stepper software to streak petri dishes by computer instead of by hand.

look ma, i’m all lasercutter!

one of the original inspirations… hunter cole, her living dna:

bright enough to light a room / picture (not sure about exposure they used though)

and of course, there’s already CNC bioart (with a 3d printer frameset), on agar with drops of flourescent bacteria

and recently one with lots of different colors:

some on paper instead of agar

it’s everywhere… here are some misc. links

Digikey has product guides that I’d never seen before (thanks mas.863 classmates)
~~6.131 motor controller notes
notes to self. ir2125 wants 230 mV min, attiny can source max 40 mA per pin

spring making: worked on spring-making some more for vending machine.

AVR Studio Screenshots / overview of features (doesn’t go over the chip debugger, which I haven’t learned to use it)