an incoherent world 002, gimp + bamboo cth460

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I suppose I ought to make note of the silliness in these pages. 
SLAM = simultaneous location and mapping. at the end of 2.737 mechatronics we each talked a bit about projects we’d worked on, and my classmate will vega-brown is in the robust robotics group @ CSAIL and is working with quadrotors. I think the video he showed is is still hidden (awaiting publication or something).
panel 3: they really do make tiny functional robots
I watched this video when the prof from the UC berkeley biomimetic millisystems lab came and gave a talk. I guess if I had planned life out more thoroughly or if I was more ambitious, I might have applied there for grad school. The more options the better, and right now I only applied to one place x.x oh well. WHATEVER. life will fall out as it will. also inspired by the bugs in 9 and this creepy and kind of depressing comic I read while bored.
oftentimes, though, with these tiny robots they don’t process their data onboard and send it via radio to a computer that gives them an estimate of where they are and where to go next.

panel 4:
555 footrest (turned nightstand in this instance?)
jordan dropped her quadrotor and one end was bent at approximately the angle of the quadcopter in the mobile, but something about trimming the propellers and her quadrotor still flew perfectly fine.

oh and that thing to the very right is a ballcopter (well, the kit ones upstairs of MITERS are white plastic so they must come from somewhere else), popular thanks to this video.
hrm and pg 1:

pg 1
cruft = discarded junk. crufting = the art of hunting for such junk to reuse in projects.
and… idk what that is. tesla coils on hexapods. hexlas. because why not?
Oh yes, about GIMP and bamboo CTH-460 on windows 7: works fine.
Initially it didn’t work : / even after installing the bamboo drivers and restarting, this is what I would get:
I ended up uninstalling the drivers via the control panel and reinstalling, and this time when I started GIMP the tablet I borrowed works fine.