4pcb Shipping Options, Cost & Time to MIT

Edit: Earlier I kept using myroPCB to refer to 4pcb! Talk about confusing. Myro is a service in China. Not the same.

Recently I got bitten trying to save $30 in shipping, which actually just cost me two days of work time (the weekend). I thought barebones was same-day shipping out, but it is actually 1-day lead time. Thus, the fastest turnaround time possible is 3 days, for instance order on Wednesday, ships on Thursday, next-day delivers on Friday. The 1-day and 2-day services do not deliver on Saturdays.

Thus, for the future, here are some examples of 4pcb costs and shipping times for their barebones option (2 layer no silk no mask yes plating), the best option for quick and dirty prototypes:


Order 1

1 402             Bare Bone 2-Layers               5EA       14.29        71.45
2 95              Shipping & Handling              1EA       69.29        69.29

Unit Dimensions: 01.938 x 02.150

ORDER-DATE: 01/13/2012

SHIP-DATE: 01/16/2012

SHIP-VIA: UPS Next Day Air Saver (5:00pm)

Shipped: Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Arrived: Tuesday, 01/17/2012 at 10:58 A.M

For this board:

The only options that ship on Saturdays are Fedex and UPS Saturday.


Order 2

7 barebones PCBs $91.84

1 day lead time

Shipping UPS 2nd DAY $41.49

Ordered: 6/11/2014

Shipped: 06/12/2014

Arrived: 6/16/2014 (well, almost guaranteed it will arrive on Monday)

First Dimension:     2.400      Second Dimension:     2.200

On this board,  the available shipping options and costs:

     UPS Red Early (8:30 am) $117.41
UPS Red (10:30am) $84.26
UPS Red Saturday $96.76
UPS 2nd DAY $41.49
UPS 3-day orange $31.22
UPS Next Day Air Saver (5:00pm next business day) $77.29
UPS Ground $19.91
FedX Early (8:30am) $117.41
FedX Priority 1 (10:30am) $84.26
FedX Standard $77.29
    FedX Saturday $0.00  
FedX 2nd DAY  $41.49
FedX Express Saver $31.22
FedX Ground $19.91
WILL CALL $10.00
    UPS Worldwide Express Red Will not quote because we are in US
    UPS Worldwide Expedited Blue
    UPS Worldwide Standard
    FedX Intl. Priority
    FedX Intl. Economy



Order 1
ITAR: no
Certs: IPC Class 2                     AS9100: no
Electrical Test: NO                    5% OVERAGE: no
Material Type: FR4
Material Thickness: 0.062″             Board Finish: BB
Unit Dimensions: 01.938 x 02.150
Array Dimensions: 00.000 x 00.000      Array Number Up:       0
Array Qty:       0
Tab Rout: NO                           Scoring: NO
Copper Weight: 1 oz                    Inner Copper Weight: 0.0
Solder Mask Sides: None                Solder Mask Color: None
Legend Silk Scrn: None                 Legd/Silk Scrn Color: None
Castellated Holes: no
Blind/Buried Vias: None                SM Plugged Via: no
Via-In-Pad: None                       Microvias: None
Plated Slots: no                       Plated Edges: no
CounterSinks: no                       CounterBores: no
CtrSinksPlated:      0                 CtrBoresPlated:      0
CtrSinksNon-Pltd:      0               CtrBoresNon-Pltd:      0
Ctrld Dielectric: no                   Ctrld Impedance: no
Etchback: no                           # Pem Nuts:          0

Order 2

 Material Type: FR4  Material Thickness: 0.062  Number of Layers: 2
 First Dimension: 2.400  Second Dimension: 2.200  Finish Plating: BB
 First Array Dimension: 0.000  Second Array Dimension: 0.000  Array Up: 0
 Copper Outers: 1.0  Copper Inners: 0  Smallest Hole Size: 0.015
 Top SMD Pads: 0  Bottom SMD Pads: 0  SMD Pitch: 0.000
 Solder Mask Sides: 0  Solder Mask Type: LPI  Solder Mask Color: None
 Silkscreen Sides: None  Silkscreen Color: None  CNC Route Points: 4
 Trace width/Space: 0.008  Tab Route: No  Scoring: No
 Gold Fingers: None  Plated Slots: No  Plated Edges: No
 Counter Sinks: No  Counter Bores: No  Dielectric: No
 Impedance: No  ITAR: False  Certification: IPC Class 2
 Blind/Buried Vias: None  Micro Vias: None  ViaInPad: None`


Barebones Specs

  • 2-layer, FR-4, 0.062″ thick
  • All-holes-plated
  • 6-mil line/gap minimum
  • Tin finish over 1-oz Copper
  • No internal routing (cutouts) and no scoring, tab rout, or drilled hole board separations.
  • Cut to rectangle shape only
  • No mask
  • No legend
  • Min size 1.25″ X 1.25″
  • Max size 12″ X 16″ (192 sq. in.)
  • Gerber 274X preferred
  • Excellon drill (English Units)
  • Minimum hole size 0.015
  • Maximum 35 drilled holes per sq. inch