nostalgia: computer games we played in school in the 90s in georgia

in which i spend way too much time going “what was that one game where you can either fix a pond ecosystem or a toilet?”

i’ve been taking a trip down memory lane (there’s so much future to live, not sure what the point is, but it is kind of fun :] )

Here are some of the games I remember playing (with the help of google. sweet oranges, this took Advanced Googling Skills), along with images / videos / play online / download links

1) Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!

Super Solvers - Midnight Rescue_1

This was a fun detective game. For some reason, I remember it being in black-and-white… anyway, I remember liking the soundtrack a lot, turns out it’s this super-classy song (skip to 0:58 for the part in the game):

Here’s a video of it:

Read more about it / picture sources:

Ooh! I found another version of the game (I never played this) which you can play in your browser at the Internet Archive Software Library:

2) Number Munchers


I didn’t remember playing this game, even by the screenshots, until I played some version of it online and heard the music.

3) Oregon Trail II


I think I played II, not super sure. Here’s a song:

Here’s a full playlist:

image source: Wikipedia.

Play online:

’nuff said.

4) The Amazon Trail


Screenshot from 2015-01-28 23:26:54

 I remember this one better than Oregon Trail. Whoo! I had fun playing this.

5) O’Dell Down Under

Screenshot from 2015-01-28 23:35:13

Fishies and exploring the ocean! I realllly liked this game 😀

Image source:

(video has the original soundtrack :] )

  • Wikipedia
  • Not available online, sadly, but here’s a possible download link:

6) Treasure MathStorm!


I have super fond memories of this too! 😀 heehee catching elves

(video has the original soundtrack :] )

7) Math Blaster



Possibly the “Episode 1: In Search of Spot” version? I don’t remember being super-entertained by this, but I do remember playing it and enjoying it. Here’s what it sounded / played like as a video:

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Some games I remember playing or watching other people play were

  • myst (soundtrack) (some scenes) this game was great. I never had the patience to solve it all myself without looking up guides online, but it was a ton of fun to explore the world and mythology regardless
  • starcraft
  • red alert
  • neopets
  • megaman


Those are the main ones I remember playing! I also remember a pond ecosystem / toilet plumbing simulator (yes, one game!), but I think it is forever lost to time. Oh well, there’s more future to live!

What games do you remember playing in school?

Protip: If your game is on, you can often play it online right in your browser.

4 thoughts on “nostalgia: computer games we played in school in the 90s in georgia”

  1. Yay for Nostalgia! I definitely remember playing Super Solvers from the early 90s on Apple II computers at school. The thing I remember about it is the catchy soundtrack. Do you know what song they play when you are roaming the hallways in that game? Wikipedia claims it is The Sorcerer’s Apprecentice but they two do not sound the same to me. The hallway song was more memorable for me than the inside-rooms song.

    Also, I remember playing Odell Down Under and Math Blaster in the later years after they upgraded the computers to Macs.

    Of course I had forgotten the names of these games, so it’s cool that you found them and documented them!

    1. Hmm, perhaps take the SuperSolvers youtube video and run it through Glad you appreciated the trip down memory lane 🙂

  2. I REMEMBER THE TOILET/POND GAME. There was also a volcano/tectonic plate simulator part I think, but I cannot find anything about the game online. So frustrating!

    1. !! Someone else remembers the game!! Haha. Sorry for the delay approving your comment — slipped through my inbox . I’ll let you know if I ever find that game again… In the meantime, onwards to new memories and new games in life! haha

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