xTalk… 6 min panel talk. “Introduction to Making: Rapid 3D Fabrication at MIT and Beyond” (Updated)

hmm, through some chain of connections involving Oliver @ IS&T , who I met during the Hands-on Learning task force (now vaporware, apparently MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and IS&T became very busy shortly thereafter simply keeping pace with operations vs. experimenting with educational technology) I was asked to participate in a panel (Xtalks website).

it’ll probably be up on MIT TechTV soon

Update 3/26/15: http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/30968-xtalks-introduction-to-making-rapid-3d-fabrication-at-mit

in the meantime, here are the slides

(if you peek past the “thanks!” slide, you’ll see some cold hard numbers on our kit costs!)

oh, the link on the slide should actually be muzoodesign.com

Sweet Jesus!