some pictures from my first few weeks of grad school

I’m taking CS283 Computer Vision, and CS182 Intro to AI, and doing a 299r with Prof. Lucas Janson on motion planning algorithms in robotics.
(and the colloquium class, of course, and dr. girash’s teaching practicum).

My lack of linear algebra is really destroying me in computer vision.

There are some pros about an expensive dining plan: there was all-you-can-eat sweet potato souffle at Dudley dining hall this week… and there was apple cobbler two weeks ago (almost as good as peach cobbler)

Other highlights:

I discovered Kanopy, where as a Harvard student, I can watch a lot of movies for free. For instance!! I could watch Super Cute Animals
The Science of Adorable Animals BBC Harvard

Students also have free access to the Harvard Cinema. I’m going to watch Three Sisters this weekend. My grandma lived there, and I spent two summers in Yunan’s capital, Kunming (which is no doubt very different than rural Yunan!)


work pictures

CS283 (intro to computer vision) — Pset 2 (metric rectification)

CS283_pest2 CS283_pset2_whiteboard

CS182 (into to artifical intelligence) — Pset 2 . Search  (Pacman!)

Screenshot from 2017-09-30 01-18-31 Screenshot from 2017-09-30 01-18-44 Screenshot from 2017-09-30 01-19-55

CS 283 — Pset 3 (camera matrices and binocular rectification)Screenshot from 2017-09-29 13-11-14 Screenshot from 2017-09-29 14-00-07

My own implementation of the RRT algorithm (rapidly expanding random trees) in Julia: collision checking issues, two runs, and a graph of how the solution path cost decreases with more iterations (aka if you find a path, you find a better path on average if you run more iterations). Although, it seems to converge not on what you might expect is about the optimal path cost (20* sqrt(2) = 28). And why would the optimal path cost decrease with more iterations, if the algorithm stops right when we find a solution? Hmm. I need to make more plots.

Screenshot from 2017-09-26 05-35-30 Screenshot from 2017-09-26 06-34-58 Screenshot from 2017-09-26 08-01-33 Screenshot from 2017-09-28 22-10-02


life pictures

my desk


apple cobbler with cherry ice cream

fancy career fair free food: kumquats!

my first pizza box obtained as free food (from fellowships information event)pizza

sunset from my lab on the third floor




peach cobbleerrrrr peach cobbler whooo

robot socks! (no, I didn’t get any, I saw this between classes)nvisdiasocks