challah in boston

29 Jan 2018 edit: I can confirm that, despite JP Licks being an ice cream store, the one in Harvard Square does indeed stock challah, and it’s the sweet and dense one that I like!

harvest co-op in central square used to (for many years) stock a type of challah i really enjoyed, up until the end of 2016.

but for a long while, they haven’t stocked it. i even went so far as to ask when it comes in (wed afternoon), but never saw it again.

it’s this very dense and sweet type of challah, and pulls apart nicely (though still produces lots of crumbs like all challah, and probably all baked goods). i don’t particularly like non-sweet challah.

i finally decided to look up what i had and where else i might find it. inspired by a recent trip to NYC (brooklyn, to visit my awesome cousins). there i found in every corner store some challah — specifically “egg challah” and “raisin challah”. I knew it was the right kind when I saw that the second ingredient, right after flour, was sugar. :]

after some digging in my google chats history… i found this


which i then cross-referenced against “best challah in boston“. although the text is illegible in my picture, the brand / logo was easily recognizable as the first name in the list:



now, i need to find it in another store. ideally somewhere conveniently located — there’s one next to the target near union square, i guess. also, ideally, not $7 a loaf… the challah in NYC, while not as tasty, was $4. which is good considering that i can go through three loaves in three days. (it’s less dense, aka less moist. it’s probably just as sweet though).


now, challah dipped into a cup of chai… heaven.