and we’re back! now on aws lightsail

hi friends!

thanks for bearing with the site as it was intermittently down over the last 3 to 4 months. I was planning on migrating from nearlyfreespeech, where the bills were costing ~$120 a year on my dinky little website (!!!! I should have just stuck with blogspot) to something more reasonable, $42 + $12 domain. I’m now running on amazon lightsail, and not only is it cheaper, but somehow the page responsiveness is a lot better too!

And it promises to be superbly easy to launch new derpy flask apps, I have a hexo blog set up at /hexblog already (well, that’s node.js really, but tomayto tomahto).

Plus, if I’m really lazy, they have a browser-based SSH session, so I can be on a computer without anything installed. And they also have snapshots, so I can upgrade away on my wordpress without fear.

Only took 4 hours in the end! I think I can do it in an hour now. Also, I feel much better about wordpress backups and feeling like I can restore from them.

I still want to migrate my website away from wordpress, I think. I fought a lot of little “php has upgraded” errors and such, and flat file management just seems to way to go for small sites like mine that only have one author. No need to get mysql involved.

Yay! I’ll write up the steps I took to migrate sometime soon. Now I can blog again, boy, I actually really missed that.