Pandemic Diary #27 – 06 Nov 2020 – maybemaybemaybe

We had a house seat flip!

GA may flip blue! Biden currently has the lead in GA. (And probably the nation?)

Two runoffs that may determine control of the Senate!

Drove around yesterday helping inform people who may need to fix issues with their absentee ballot. (Apparently, super easy – just a photo of id and signed form and email it in to county chair). Felt like I did my part. Maybe two thousand of these in the whole state.

Satisfied with social distancing measures – a door hanger with the form. Knock. Then step 6 ft back and wait.

Nail biting finish. Winning the runoffs may be rough. We may not have final results for another week – too addicting to watch play by play (and definitely silly to do so for three days lol).

Trying to still get work done.

My county is still counting ballots – hopefully will add to the lead. My hope/bet is/was for closer to a 6k lead in the end … we will see! Going to be tough.