Pandemic Diary #32 – 09 Feb 2021- 100,000 American deaths from COVID in ~January. And impeachment trial video evidence of Trump inciting a riot

a little braindump


January plus two days, officially.

100,000 deaths in a month +2 days.

I’m so tired. Safe healthy and mostly sane. Chinese/Lunar New Year’s coming up, so guess we’ll have to go in person for that. (No apps for shopping at the Asian stores. And, it feels so weird to say, hey, here’s $100 that you need way more than me, so that you can go in and risk being sick instead of me). That’s changed – I don’t really hesitate to order even trivial things online anymore.

This pandemic really brings out the judgmental side of me.


COVID and STEM persistence – I made my choices. Should be grateful, and probably shouldn’t feel miserably like a failure. Hard to do so when working for free and living with my parents.

Cats, Birds, and Books

Bought some sunflower seeds today, refilled the bird feeder. Sat outside for a while just listening to bird calls and looking at the sonograms on BirdNet app. Red shouldered hawks, American Robin, Eastern Towhee, Canada goose. Red bellied woodpeckers (!), tufted titmouse, carolina wren from earlier this week.

Sun sets an hour later here than in Boston. Much warmer. Spring is in the air. Spotted a few leaves peaking out of the rose bushes.

I went through another 4 Discworld books. Going to miss this series. Definitely a comfort food.

Side projects

Need to get back into making cards – postcard stamps have arrived from USPS. Am excited.

Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox


Keep eying an Airbnb. But it is so easy to stay home (but maybe that’s a problem? too comfortable). Live somewhere a little more rural, a few more stars in the sky, with some chickens.


impeachment #2 video evidence @ NPR