Pandemic Diary #64 – ahhhh (8 Aug 2021)

still need to figure out how to get more actual exercise into my life. right now ebike = zero exercise. the pedals are so slow that it’s really demotivating to use them. got bike for $270, added in folding pedals $15 super nice addition. dream ish ebike is $720 incl. shipping right now.

have already thrown bike into trunk twice, the second time only possible due to folding. wow…. i’m so lazy.

  • access to FARCC for ipython for PANN
  • get larger dataset? do cleaning for research
  • A* search for contract
  • apply, apply, apply (i’ve done…2 places so far…)
  • holding pattern for onboarding
  • take labmates / friends sailing. this is stressing me out. it’s low priority. take them out spontaneously instead of trying to organize grand outing
    • labmates are graduating! it’s sad to not see them in person again before they leave… weird feeling
  • so. much. paperwork

okay, one step at a time. for instance, laundry.

feel bad to not care more about global covid situation, about trying to contribute to delta issues. also that maybe i should care more generally about research timeline, and take advantage of being student. like if i just focused i could get this over with