pandemic diary #91 – listening to / watching great speeches!

okay to clear my brain of academia tech world – brain rot – tunnel vision (feeling burnt out about it all again)

going to watch some great speeches

and i want to watch them in full!

a few lists i found

From the above / related, individual speeches (youtube videos mostly)


name & urlnoteslengthdate-ish
Greatest Recorded Speeches in American History (1933-2008)small tidbits from many speeches20 min8 april 2023
C-SPAN: Barack Obama Speech at 2004 DNC Convention
having hope!15 min8 april 2023
1851 – Ain’t I a Woman – Sojourner Truthi remember listening to this live once (i think in speech contest). unexpectedly funny and witty :3 4 mins (!)march 2023