cute pictures of my cat

i have not blogged in some time, i feel like there are many things i wish to talk about but they can be quite heavy

so to re-start the process, i will instead start with an easier topic

cute pictures of my cat

these have both been cleaned up using the unblur and camoflauge features on the pixel phone, so as to remove some of the distracting background clutter (eheh). the ML models really couldn’t handle removing the purses on the first photo above, which, valid lol.

on the latter photo there was also a portrait blur effect applied. i find it pretty interesting — i’m fairly certain that machine learning models are being used to infer a. what to segment out and remove (this is directly shown to the user as a confirmation of sorts) b. what to fill in.

my cat rosie is now 11 years old, i adopted her during the pandemic when she was 8.