i am a feral child in coding

that’s my conclusion

a feral child: clearly has managed to survive, but by living with wolves or some s*t. so has no idea that normally, in civilization, people survive by relying on other people

also to join society, has to exert enormous effort, learn how to talk human talk, and stop doing things that were critical to survive lol

seriously am i the only one that grew up (lived through my PhD) like this? one day i’ll find that other mythical person who you like at their phd journey and you’re like “…life finds a way, how the heck are you alive”

ok if i meet that person i’ll probably feel terribly insecure in some way i’m wildly unequipped to handle because i’m a feral child that never had other humans to compare myself to, only wolves


image credit: me typing “illustration of a wolf looking at a computer” into google fx

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