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gas meter / electricity monitoring research

one day i want to get realtime data about our gas usage (to e.g. know how much our bad insulation, which we can’t fix due to renting, costs us)

American Meter Company AC-250 250 C.F.H. @ 1/2” diff

ITRON INC 100G DLT datalogging ERT ERG-5007-001 | 240V 3W type c1sr 30TA 1.0kh CA 0.5 FM2S 60Hz (edited) ~250

related on savings: todo: check on hepa rebate

Pandemic Diary #88 – whewww end-of-term + lots of travel (03 Jan 2022)

wow i don’t even remember when i last blogged, but some things that happened this semester:

  • passed my quals ! ! ! !!!!! !! !!!!!!
  • completed my theory class, wrote an agent-based modelling simulator for banking data
  • misc. new england travels
  • misc. roommate activities
  • a ton of end-of-year travel

misc. travel: cape cod, the new england aquarium

end of year travel: drove from boston down to GA and back (2000+ miles), saw the georgia aquarium (so cool!!!!), wandered around washington dc postal museum, then flew out and did a whole tour across the Yucatan area of Mexico to see Mayan ruins (and flamingos, and the seaside, where I got stung by jellyfish and ripped off a few times, but also lost more money losing things overall…) and visit the costco there (!). and finally spent a day or two with my cat and got the my home lasercutter running

looking forward to: maybe doing a side project? though I did take a solid 10 days off work essentially. and really getting going on my research projects (drop my expectations!), and starting a new chapter of my life post-graduation???

wow life is going to be so relaxing without teaching, classwork, and quals I hope. just internship and research. maybe i’ll have time to learn to cook, and can have my parents over for dinner instead of the other way around.

okay actually i should be trying to write most of a thesis in 62 days but yeaaaaa we’ll see !

here’s a picture of my parents riding a bike in cozumel which is a cozy island kinda near cancun (the state it’s in is more disorderly in feeling than merida)

and the traitorous dictionary entree for instant noodles… i think it’s just called sopa in spanish, or in my case i called it “maruchen” lollll

fried pumpkin cakes – a three ingredient dessert

i had a lot of pumpkin cakes when i went to china, 南瓜饼

around pumpkin season in the US (you know when the pumpkin spice starts appearing), I started having cravings

pics from 2 Oct 2021
the three ingredients

I followed recipe from

Chinese Pumpkin cakes 南瓜饼 (Nan Gua Bing)

basically, 400g puree, 300g glutinous rice flour (from market basket), 40g sugar, mix it all together, divide into patties and fry

note 1: fold flour in a bit at a time

note 2: though in my case I used more rice flour than 300g because it was too sticky (I think the canned puree is more watery than IRL puree?),

here’s some pictures of my process

note: you can see different variations of the recipe in chinese here