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Short boat update

There’s obviously lots to talk about (how I planned the Fairhaven to Boston trip, how it actually went, what it was like living on a boat, my multiple trips around the harbor, thoughts on outboards, good books I invested in, and more), but here’s a quick picture post.

fixing up the boat over the summer 2014
food, batteries, everything’s ready to be packed onto the ship before we leave Fairhaven, MA
A distant view of Boston, from out by the Graves
Home sweet home. E15 at Constitution Marina
occasional fireworks in my backyard

a gif of night-time botoring (boat motoring)

Kitten Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force

Today I discovered this gem:

Kitten Working Group
Internet Draft

More info here:

The purpose of the  Common Authentication Technology Next Generation (Kitten) working group (WG) is to develop extensions/improvements to the GSS-API and to the Kerberos authentication system […]

They have a mailing list called kitten at ietf, hah.

To explain the name, apparently kitten is “the next generation of the CAT (Common Authentication Technology) working group”.

They sounded like they were having a lot of fun at work… but then I realized the more likely scenario is that defining Internet standards is so “fun” that every little bit helps.

hattip MIT’s Student Information Processing Group (SIPB)