godaddy email forward to yahoo fails due to 550 error, forward to gmail works fine

there is no fix for this, unless yahoo changes their server settings. try using gmail instead.

after some debugging, because godaddy kept complaining about mx records, i followed this to the letter:

still didn’t work. when i checked the  bounce message, it was actually due to yahoo.

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 relaying denied for <>

2 thoughts on “godaddy email forward to yahoo fails due to 550 error, forward to gmail works fine”

  1. In general, it would be more reliable to set up a POP3 inbox on your own domain and have gmail fetch mail from there by supplying the server name and your loging credentials in the gmail settings.

    When I recently tried to forward mail from my own domain (running my own mail server) to gmail, I encountered some issues and documented them here:

    Basically, if you forward some spam to your gmail account, then Google might decide that the IP address doing this is a spammer and start blocking all emails from it.

    There might be enough people using the same setup as you that Gmail will just make it work though; they could code special exceptions for Godaddy’s IP address.

    1. Thanks! This was meant to be a quick-fix, but I’ll try to look into that in the future if I find the time. It does seem reasonable that Google does something special to accomodate GoDaddy that Yahoo does not.

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