Tues Startup: Social Media Network of Pigeons, Avian.io

Recently I asked someone who shared a link with me where he found it. He told me “from the internet”.

Well, yes, almost all hyperlinks are found and shared on the internet as a matter of fact.


You extended the pigeon protocol to the concept of social media.

Say you want to share an article, youtube video, or other link with a friend.

  1. you install the Avian.io app and hit “ave it!”
  2. a robot prints the link out and attaches it to a Certified Pigeon. that pigeon finds you, poops on your head to get your attention, and gives you the link
  3. if you “like” the link,
  4. you feed the pigeon some crackers so that when it returns to the sender
  5. the sender then knows how much you appreciate the link based on how much the pigeon poops on him/her 30 minutes later

This Tuesday Terrible Startup Idea post brought to you by “it’s still Tuesday in Hawaii”.

Oh, check this out, someone was paid to write this article, and it wasn’t even April Fools: http://www.globalresearch.ca/circumventing-invasive-internet-surveillance-with-carrier-pigeons/5341180?print=1 They came up with a “coo-ing” Twitter-like startup name called Coo-ee , haha.