Fixing “Docky crashes on suspend or unplug” in Ubuntu 14.04

in short

download and install this deb file; or do it yourself in just seven lines (see below)! πŸ™‚


On Ubuntu 14.04, my docky crashes extremely often (on any power status changes — suspend, disconnecting from the charger, etc.).

The fix has been known for a while, but after several months and no new Docky package (perhaps it is no longer maintained?), I decided to dig in and figure out how to fix this.

This time I googled it, and someone else had written up how to apply the fix to source code, build, and re-install. Turns out to only take a handful of lines! Here, I’m documenting with pictures.

Basically, we apply the one-liner fix using the “classic” instructions here How to download, modify, build and install a Debian source package? .


Fixing Docky

Let’s get the source and edit the file “Docky.Services/Docky.Services/SystemService.cs”, as described in “Comment 2 for bug 1309706“:

apt-get source docky
cd docky-2.2.0/
vim Docky.Services/Docky.Services/SystemService.cs

For me, the fix was on line 281. Change




See pictures below.





Build it~

sudo apt-get build-dep docky
dch -i

This last step is to update the package number. I don’t know anything about this, but it auto-inserted a new package number so I just wrote a quick comment and called it good.


debuild -us -uc -b
sudo dpkg -i ../docky_2.2.0-2ubuntu1_all.deb

Whoo! That’s it πŸ™‚

Deb File

Here’s my file:

and its SHA sum follows, although obviously just doing the seven command-line steps above yourself is easy and way more secure…

nrw@nrw-PC:~/docky-2.2.0$ sha256sum ../docky_2.2.0-2ubuntu1_all.deb

nail saloon parties: laseretched stamping plates, water marbling / hydrographic printing, toner transfer, and magnetic nail polish

nail saloon

I’ve been holding nail saloon parties at my place, the idea being it would be a place where people should feel welcome to ask questions about things they might feel awkward about normally, and also a chance for me to learn about other people’s experiences that I don’t know much of anything about.

Although it turned out to be mostly preaching to the choir, I’ve improved friendships through it, learned about other people’s lives, and also experimented with nail art with folks!

Here’s a few “pieces”. I drew this with the applicators that came on the bottle (and a toothpick, I think)

laser-etched stamping plates

I tried to make stamping plates (lasercut) — here’s how the professional ones look: — however, I think, because I was in a hurry, the etch depth was not deep enough

(and also, we were using test tube stoppers instead of soft round stamps that conform to your nail more).

newspaper toner transfer

One person successfully did newspaper transfer, but that was perhaps one successful one try out of ten…

Here’s the instructions, using rubbing alcohol.

And if you’re not having luck, just fake it with sharpie πŸ™‚


aka, a color gradient. this is a simple technique, just take a cosmetic sponge, put two or three colors next to each other, and then dab away — tada, you have a gradient!

the middle finger is “ombre” here

magnetic nail polish

it works! turns out you need to get the magnet patterns.

the thumb and fourth finger have gold magnetic nail polish applied

Update 8/16/15: For those wondering about MRI compatibility — it so happens I had an MRI done recently with some magnetic nail polish still on my nails. It was totally fine (not even a slight pull), and they also have a nifty device that checks if you have metal things on you before you enter the MRI room.


these sadly only lasted maybe a few days, even with a topcoat applied on top of the stickers


I hunted around for a local source of things like dotting tools (for making dots) and eventually found them right at Target!

the sticker “masks” above did not work too great, but the dotting tool was handy πŸ™‚


“I guess I never noticed how often I take off my socks in the presence of other people until now. An eye-opening find on it’s own! I think I shall paint them from now on. It’s like the personalization of a tattoo without the peril.” — K. S.

water marbling

This is just dropping different colors into a cup of water and dipping your nails in it. I did this successfully (you want solid colors usually, and some nail polishes do not work (just dissolve into the water)). Here’s a friend’s:

Inline image 1

Here’s the coolest water marbling of nails I’ve seen

Here’s the fun technical equivalent at SIGGRAPH


Overall, quite a bit of fun πŸ™‚

hack4fem: hack for feminism (conference & hackathon) logo

hack4femlogo hack4femlogoI made a logo for a new project I am starting up. It’s a mashup of a bunch of openclipart files, It combines the feminist logo (fist inside Venus sign) with STEM (wrench for mechanical engineering / hands-on, lightning for electrical engineering, then on the nails, a graph for mathematics, beaker for science, and “</>” for coding). The logo expresses my desire to combine my STEM skills with my feminist / activist passions. I refuse to choose between activism and advancing my technical prowess.

hack4femlogoHere is the SVG sourcehack4femlogo, which I release back into the public domain.

If you’re interested in helping organize the first hack4fem conference, email me! πŸ™‚ It’s set for Nov. 7th & 8th (Sat. and Sun.), 2015, in Boston, MA.