my public reply to Sen. David Perdue (GA)’s email

please stop saying Washington this Washington that, as if you are not a part of Washington and have a responsibility to work with other people in Washington

also please add an unsubscribe link to your emails

i know you, as a political entity, legally don’t have to abide by CAN-SPAM regulations but really, if you won’t give me an email address to reply to*, it’s just basic decency to give me a choice to unsubscribe from these one-sided propaganda blasts

*and worse, given the lack of email address, I have to resort to the contact form on your website which signed me up for this spam I can’t unsubscribe from in the first place

from: Senator David Perdue <>
Direct from David: Adding Value

Growing up in Middle Georgia, my father taught me to add value. He’d say, “David, don’t ever worry about the job ahead of you, just take care of the one you’ve got now.”

For me, after four decades in business, the job may have changed but the principle remains the same.

In the United States Senate, I’m committed to solving our $19 trillion national debt crisis. We cannot wait any longer.

What Washington is doing by digging us deeper into debt is not acceptable. We need a sense of urgency to focus on results.

That’s why I’m using my private sector expertise to help solve our financial problems and motivate my colleagues to make some tough decisions.

As an outsider to the political process, my perspective will always be different. With your help, I’m optimistic we can solve our debt crisis and unleash an economic boom.

God Bless,