Pandemic Diary Day #3, April 29

COVID: Feeling stressed, turns out our governor’s stay at home order expires tomorrow, and who knows if he’ll extend it. He’s started opening businesses without decreasing cases or public health infrastructure. Needs clarity on plan, not just uncertainty on decision making. Didn’t read much about China on media today, which decreased blood pressure whew. Thinking about nursing homes – a friend working with a group on calling and checking in on every nursing home. thought about op-ed for week, having too many things to work on, getting some project thrashing.

Research: Finishing blender to a usable state, restarting work on paper (hitting June 30th critical for quals), filed a grumpy status report on the review form for CS prof meeting, eek missed some slack messages from prof!! Threads don’t notify my phone, only DMs? Rolling eyes a bit at “pen reset” problem – someone should just do it, it’s fun but no reallll need to keep talking about it every lab meeting and brainstorm for 30 minutes.

Started: List of things to apply to for $$$

Surprised to hear on lab call my latest documentation project (using AR tag in openCV pythons) was helpful —

Talked with two friends as part of crazy cat lady club I guess (we all had our cats 0:) – cat did eventually even jump a full foot off the ground! Cat no longer waiting for me to leave room before jumping on dresser to get food — guess it was just a well-mannered caught taught not to jump on human things, not a lazy one. Hope didn’t do too poorly in undoing that. Concern due to appearance of new patch of missing fur. Need to clip nails. Read a few stories about chonkers… cinderblock 0: (joined instagram to not spam friends with cat pics) and some rollercoasters, and the real rollercoaster, (down 7 lbs, then pancreatitis, regained weight, now losing again, over 5 year span . Spent a few hours, got over concern that cat was going to die tomorrow of liver disease because it didn’t manage to eat the calories I left in the more difficult puzzles. Back to 4x a day wet food diet – clean bowl right after to teach to eat everything. Cat expressed less interest in going outside room, got scared maybe

New Yorker: All crossword puzzles, just click “partner mode” and get link to share.

(Jitsi – open source, can add default backgrounds e.g. murals?)

Links read: mostly interest still around contact tracing, learned about R0 vs Reff, CFR vs IFR clarification. Wanted to show time to isolation goals and impact. Didn’t quite find anything (pueyo post was very handwavey compared to previous).

Started: Green beans for bean sprouts to eat. Soaked soy beans for milking tomorrow