Pandemic Diary Day #4, May 1

Still really sleepy. Not sure what’s up with that. Rearranged my room to have more table space, I think that’ll encourage me to get up and face the day / have more routine. Or something similar to that – something I look forward to each morning.

In the evening had “art time” where my friend and I wrote up most of an op-ed. Just have to clean that up and get that out ASAP.

Feeling stressed: need to complete several homeworks. And then final project: get the “following a ball” task completed and trained to show jitter.

Also, research: need to start fleshing out paper.

Spent an hour following the cat around – let her out of her room for a while today, all the way until sleep time.

Nice weather today. Onions are doing fine. Need to pesticide the roses again tomorrow against the black spot disease. Need to get the ivies off the brickwork.

Georgia’s open again, my biggest stress is how to combat that as a movement. Want to contribute to modelling side, or at least learn about it, but recognize that I need to focus on research. Concerns are weighing in for postdocs. My friend is stuck in Boston and wants to be with her family (abroad) if she’s WFH anyway, but wouldn’t go even if there were cheapish flights, because she’s worried about getting back into the US.

Some of the more interesting articles of late:

heck yea (but also disturbing that they are like “the demographics move against us, but heck democracy, just ‘get our voters to turn out'”)

No easy way out :

And this I really enjoyed.