Pandemic Diary #6, 05 May 2020

Watching (for 9.357 presentation):

Sad story of a cold epidemic in a chimpanzee group kill 30% of the group. A lot of transmission from humans. Now required to wear masks and keep distance:

Applications of DL to conservation:

Good overview pictures of tool use; and sad pictures of mom carrying around deceased infant

Nut cracking.

Pestle pounding

Tap scanning by aye aye


Ch. 12 of

The Evolution of the Primate Hand Anatomical, Developmental, Functional, and Paleontological Evidence

(includes how aye aye curls just thumb to hold things, since other fingers are too long to curl around object)

How did I get here:

Cats lol. Cat pawing at food puzzle. Surprisingly adept with food puzzles. Class topic is hands though – so primates.


Continuing M / R meetings for current project – “flattening the transit curve” – now thinking primarily about advise for which businesses to stagger. Alarming statistic: In Chelsea, 80% of residents already going to work as “essential services” !! Unfair burden.

Disturbing to hear Fauci barred by White House from testifying in Congress.

Why is social distancing a partisan issue??

Still need to finish op-ed.

Not sure what’s taking so long (2.5 weeks already!!)… Really disappointed that US is re-opening. We didn’t shut down just for hospital capacity – but also to buy time for PPE. The governor has a lot of requirements for businesses – should we not also have requirements of our government? And lack of confronting racial disparities; what is the plan?

Feeling sad that I had so much energy the first time around. But hard to combat vocal minority of protests.


After a while, still not understand how this works!
Covers need for mandatory QR codes, or opt-out. Masks mandate.

Other Good tracker made by “first generation chinese american” Looks like pivoting to effect of early lifting now.

We’re past 60k deaths I believe. 1k+ deaths daily.

Racial disparities are inexcusable

COVID-19 Status Report | Georgia Department of Public Health

New site on testing

#TestAndTrace: Why it’s effective, reports for each U.S. State, and how you can help


8tracks is back alive?? Neat.

Over the weekend:


Remember “morning exercises” in middle school. Also, “plaza dances” (usually for older people).

My dad managed 1.5 minutes, we managed 5 minutes. Room for improvement! Something to get my blood pumped in the mornings.

Succulents + Plushie

Pattern for plushie


Baked sweet and sour cauliflower

Leftover from soymilk making (soak beans 5 hours; put in machine) + lao gan ma sauce

Watermelon peel (soy sauce, garlic, pepper)


Bean sprouts