Pandemic Diary #7, 06 May 2020

141.8 – 128.2 = 13.6 lb = 0.1 lb in 4 days
13.7 * 0.01 = 0.137 lb / week, up to 0.274 lb/week
Right on target!

insomnia cookies – 12 pack delivery for ~$27 (incl. $5 tip), includes 6 pack shipped for free. Had total disaster for delivery and stressful to have people pay me back too. Will not tell them next time XD;

Giant Ocean Tank Webcam

Penguin Colony Webcam

The penguins are so cute 0: 0: 0:

My own quarantine + Cat = better understanding why it’s so hard to keep zoo animals happy

Been watching Trevor Noah / John Oliver. News is upsetting. Past 70k cases and President declaring victory. Wants to disband coronavirus task force.

Did New Yorker crossword at after party with friend who defended yesterday!! We struggled, we are not crossword people XD looked up a few Proper Name answers. Turns out really only for 2 people at once, so I screenshared on zoom.

Found on youtube, watched half with parents.

Watched 《自然的力量》第一集 纵横 over the weekend & finished it a few days ago – last episode was documenting how they filmed all the animals – pretty intense!!

Want to watch All Is Lost on bluewater per rec of friend – set for 3 weeks out when hopefully class work finished.

Set up weekly meeting with advisor — re-remembered need to do find thesis topic, doing background research on that now

Interesting meeting on transit – cool how much traction Cathy is getting; wrote mask op-ed, having trouble getting it out the door. Missed NECSI training on policy advocacy

Watched a few minutes of storm trysail – man overboard procedures.

And refound Secondary Russian – Dallas ISD – has really old school and therefore awesome film