Pandemic Diary #8, 10 May 2020

Today 138.8 – 126.6 = 12.2 ?!?!
May 10, 12.2 lbs.
May 02, 13.5 lbs .
Apr 27, 13.7 lbs.
(same scale was, april 27, 133.4 – 120.2 ish — didn’t wait for scale to settle) = 13.2ish lbs, but that was probably inaccurate? went to vet on April 21st and it was 13.7 lbs.
I guess she is exercising a lot more!!Β  But 1.5 lbs in ~3 weeks is very bad. So I’ll have to feed her a bit more… maybe closer to 230 cals. Maybe from all the running!!
I see, my scale is wildly inaccurate, so I have to take my weight on the scale soon after
And it times out after 30 secs, and after that only jolting it wlil turn it on (not standing on it)
Okay, that’s more reasonable, 13.4 lbs.
May 10, 13.4 lbs. (13 days)
May 02, 13.5 lbsΒ  (5 days)
Apr 27, 13.7 lbs.
So, actually losing too slowly (0.3 instead of 0.5 lbs).
So, I’ll wean down to (1/16) cup = 25 cals, on top of 150 cals from wet food, = 175 cals, + treats = ~190 cals total. (No more than 10 treats)
Have to watch — the new dry food is 180 cals/can instead of 150 cals.
With the error on my scale — may as well just be no weight change (but probably also no weight gain in that case).
So, drop!

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