Pandemic Diary #44 – being a positive being ! the mighty power of seedlings

10 days for cauliflower, 11 days for tomatoes!

seeds vary in size and shape so dramatically, definitely cool.

om-g my parents got their first vaccine

still sinking in slowly, feel super super super privileged compared to friends with parents elsewhere T__T and friends who lost their relatives / grandparents :(((

being positive! people respond well to positive not negative, really gotta emphasize that this is just all a side effect of general anger offgassing :'(

i found dr. michelle au’s twitter and it’s honestly really refreshingly .. normal. love her newsletter’s (i should probably find a way to give feedback on that)

being true to myself – just have to keep that route and do things that feel right by me; what works for others won’t work for me, and there’s many paths that will work out just fine, so don’t stress too much about taking paths that will stress me out (grass is greener but green enough here)

apply to jobs is depressing, but trying to treat it as a learning experience !

the feeling of being used for research, which is published and then put in news and used for grants and meanwhile i — don’t be bitter, just be okay and remember who you are – you’ve come so far! remember when you thought publishing a paper would never happen?

it’s hard to hold on to indignant self-worth but (idk i’m fine)


plus you had a poster (should follow up on connections from that…)