pandemic diary #56 – vaccination and changing norms (21 Jun 2021)

went to costco saturday

croissants, so many croissants

huge sign saying “if you’re vaxxed you don’t have to wear a mask, also be law we cannot ask you for proof of vax”

also “only police allowed to have firearms inside”

it feels different. i’m less aware of my 6 ft bubble of personal space. more just paying attention to people wearing/not wearing masks. can’t keep up with changing social norms.

i guess it’s not possible to replicate this experience in the future (discounting another pandemic). everyone around you has to be in on it to. we cross the street when we see someone coming our way on walks on the neighborhood, and maybe wave, but no offense is taken. people understand.

getting an ebike. excited. sold at at costco. found it refurbished online for cheaper. hopefully the battery isn’t too worn out. but i guess most things i should be able to fix myself.

we bring packages inside same day now. and mail, it doesn’t sit in the garage for 2 or 3 days and get lost. coming back from costco i didn’t shower right away. in fact I didn’t even change clothes.

we also aren’t so careful about spacing out visits. we used to aim for 2-3 weeks between visits where we have to go inside a store.

all this when the fully vax rate in GA is something like 30-40%. (in seattle it’s 70%+)