Pandemic Diary #57 – moving (25 Jun 2021)

will be on a flight to boston in 5 days or less,
feels difficult to think about, i have enjoyed my time here and feel like there’s still so much i want to do. still with phones and internet, it’s so easy to keep in contact. and try to remember, that there’s lots of things i can do in boston that i cannot do in GA. maybe i will be excited and find passion in something again.

i am starting to think about things i would be happy to work on.

  • disinformation – i forget exactly now, but there’s lots of stuff that would be… less evil to work on
  • us-china relations – jeez i don’t even know it’s such a huge topic
  • ocean and sustainability – robot boats for science? being more in nature (ocean) would be nice

things i used to like

  • teaching, i hate it now. i guess i forgot the part where i never had a happy relationship with my classes in undergrad, and teaching while having no stability in life was awful and i’m so bitter about it