Pandemic Diary #61 – feeling grateful, practicing gratefulness (27 Jul 2021)

officially alive for three decades!
didn’t think I’d make it ten years ago, but here I am. feeling grateful for that.
here with a roof, stable financial situation, and living in peacetime. vaccinated and healthy. grad student living my sailing life. know how to take care of myself, have strong family and friend supports. have an even keel and not locked up.

roommates for 1 month even bought me a captain’s hat. a memorable 30th for sure!!

now just need to hustle! or find it in me to hustle, rather. hold on to wanting to be graduated before my next birthday. i think finally my life in boston is relatively settled and i’m done with major purchases (two lisabo tables, now just some stuff I think will be hard to find used — bamboo area rugs, floor futon / chairs). next time i need to remember mit furniture exchange!

also this adorable cat getting a passport in 1943

Video of fingerprinting:

And this is the result (from twitter mildlyinteresting, but the caption is a bit misleading so cropped it out)

herman the cat’s us coast guard passport, 1943