Pandemic Diary #62 – fashionable masking, natural disasters, summer lull (2 Aug 2021)

grave’s lighthouse. has a single mooring buoy! same day also did anchoring outside great brewster island, exciting doing it without depth sensor


galactic puzzlehunt was a html5 feast, didn’t contribute much, still infancy of puzzle solving abilities

feeling: purposeless. goal to sail across the ocean. not really a purpose… just a goal. (intermediate: newport-halifax, bermuda)


  • read: Destined for War, Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?; marine accidents investigation branch
  • watched: The Imperial Coroner (ep 1- 31, three left), nautilus sailing, cherry magic, annapolis book of seamanship (good)
  • listened: bbc more of less behind the statistics started back up!

on the list: captain ron, volvo ocean race, etc.


nautilus sailing – power of the computer! see in 3d, polished, etc. not dumb flash animations that don’t let you skip around… note: anchoring: include keel to depth sounder, and from bow to keel, and tide into anchoring calcs. (but also, with that much scope in anchorage, you would swing into other boats, so in practice use less than that). gybe- go ahead and center main completely before gybe. wing-on-wing — watch the main for crash jibe, and ignore the jib, it will behave correctly after a while. give way – port tack, and windward.

Nautilus Sailing cheatsheet:

fashionable masking: got a black kn95 set, drew narwhal on it with sharpie

feel socially overwhelmed

world news

natural disasters: henan and germany flooding, the smoke blowing from canadian wildfires to boston, climate change is happening faster than I thought. and killing people. (but less than if we were less prosperous, without tech forecasting abilities). jeez. drowning underground in a slowly flooding subway car… T__T . myanmar military takeover, taliban …


delta variant cluster even in 80% vaccinated provincetown. variant outbreak in vietnam, in nanjing china right after guangzhou under control. in australia. (not in new zealand) scary time.

also depressing to watch uk, canadian vaccination rates overtake USA despite our initial surge and early access to vaccines. also sad that i can’t participate

have engaged in such risky behavior with sailing, roommates. my roommates are flying basically every other week.

summer lull… miss my cat.

herman the cat’s identification card

oh oops i already posted herman on the last post. oh well can’t hurt to have more cat

confirmed boba ice cream sighting in GA!

sailing a lot.

passing minot’s lighthouse at sunset’s_Ledge_Light


learned that nantucket (big red ship permanently docked) is a lighthouse-ship.

visiting nantucket, hours: april to november, saturdays, 10am to 4pm


hack apps… as portfolio projects… feline feeling ai app???

source: bbc


boston harbor sealife. A sealion? Not sure!

fish jumping out of the sea…

wonder what big fish was chasing them??

watching moonrise in the middle of ocean. unreal. huge, red, initially looked like fire. can see all the texture on the moon in detail… (but could not capture on phone)

time passing

i’ve circumnavigated the earth many times now, and acquired wisdom. didn’t think i’d make it here in undergrad, happy to be wrong.

roommates have barely known me for 30 days, gave me a birthday gift 0: people are nice.

todo: harvard paystub check, pay for mass health, remove from ambetter