Pandemic Diary #85 – hi covid

well this time i caught COVID for realsies

thanks to extensive availability of tests as well as our fairly paranoid way of interacting with other people (fairly spaced out risks), we can make some interesting conclusions on how this ran through my roommates and then the people I interacted with

(in particular — thanks US government for giving us free tests via USPS, there’s no way we would’ve caught so early without a glut of free tests)

roommate A -> does risky stuff on Saturday, nothing else for days (they actually go out the least of all of us) — tests positive Thursday evening (antigen)

roommate B -> (that’s me) PCR negative on Friday morning, Cue positive on Saturday morning

Symptoms are not super obvious, but they are kind of persistent. Friday at most was paranoia levels of “did i just not sleep well.” Saturday morning was still not super obvious (“did i not drink enough water / air kind of dry cough”) and it was really not until saturday afternoon that it was more unmistakeable

friend A -> (interacted on Thursday afternoon) Cue negative sat and sun, positive on Monday (that’s today)

So, it seems like an estimate could be E+0 days exposure -> E+4 days, PCR comes back positive. Perhaps it’s like E+0