an incoherent world 004, also why i am doing this

hrm. PREVIOUS || first | all posts | all images ||  NEXT yes, those are rabbit slippers with glasses. ==oh right, why am i doing a comic?well, for fun, because there should be more engineering art, because my friends at MITERS say the most ridiculous things that are just begging to be turned into plot bunnies, and to practice drawing. the idea […]

an incoherent world 003

PREVIOUS || first | all posts | all images ||  NEXT Well.I blame the end of term and 2.009 peer reviews, which I’d just read when I wrote this script. I wish I had a stronger ego, so instead of moping I could be like “Hah! I shall go forth and work on this problem.” No worries! The next few strips will […]

an incoherent world 002, gimp + bamboo cth460

PREVIOUS || first | all posts | all images ||  NEXT I suppose I ought to make note of the silliness in these pages.  SLAM = simultaneous location and mapping. at the end of 2.737 mechatronics we each talked a bit about projects we’d worked on, and my classmate will vega-brown is in the robust robotics group @ CSAIL and is working […]