Personal projects status dump

Open Source CAD (CAD extensible toolkit): Backburner (eta re-opening: Nov 1, 2015)

Relationship / Sex Ed Prototypes: Backburner (eta opening: Jan 1, 2016)

  • Role-playing games to establish healthy, inclusive, non-judgemental models of asking someone out / responding to that / dealing with that response
  • Can it be not corny? Even if it’s corny, can it still be effective?
  • Filling whatever gap PUA fills for guys

6.01 robots: Backburner (eta re-opening: Oct 15, 2015) — potentially escalate to Sept 5th, 2015

Feminist Apparel: Backburner (eta opening: Dec 1, 2015)

  • Snarky tshirts, IUD/LED earrings, elegant dresses with feminist quotes, stickers, necklaces, henna art, nails, pocket sewing kits, feminist bread and cake,

Hobbyist-Priced Small Waterjet: Backburner (eta re-opening: Feb 1, 2016)

Grad school: Active

Swarmbuddy robots: Active

  • co-conspirators: Ethan B., Chris A.
  • shift to nrf51822 chip (breadboard the circuit)
  • new board: nrf51822, 1s battery, usb charging,
  • new mechanical layout: with actual wheels, cheaper continuous rotation servos (or steppers? for easier zeroing than using a screwdriver), and an origami case
  • servo with pot broken out? $$$?
  • App Inventor + Android programming
  • New Android application

Hack4Fem: Active

  • More workshops
  • More speakers
  • More participants

Boatwork: Active

  • hook up solar panel to small lead-acid for bilge pump
  • Sand and urethane the gunwhals
  • Attach stern pieces
  • Take underwater pictures
  • Test generator and bring on board
  • Cut hole in engine compartment to diagnose leak
  • Call admiral and Crystal about winter haul out to fix keel leak
  • Hook up small battery and solar panel to bilge
  • Machine rope clutches from picture, two
  • Machine running rigging blocks, around four
  • Buy spring line cleats for mid ships
  • Make a roller furler for jib out of bike parts
  • Climb the mast install weather station and Masthead lights
  • Find radar?
  • Install red lights and wiring
  • also make a solar cabintop! diy solar panel, ?diy charge balancer?, diy battery pack? (no, get lead acids)

Youtube Channel: (backburner, eta May 2016)


Things to learn:

  • more math: 18.06, more statistics
  • electronics: power electronics, 6.302
  • sewing / fashion (ask on craigslist)
  • drawing / animation / video work (ask on craigslist)
  • makeup / cross-dressing / cosplay (ask on craigslist)
  • how to make html5 webapps easily and quickly
    • skillswap
    • website for house (splitting rent, household items shopping reminders, utilities, landlord contacting, parties, guestbook reviews :])

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