“Fun” with Git: How to ignore locally deleted files (in git status) if you’re running out of hard drive space

Oh god I wasted hours on this probably

I have a huge 3 GB git repository that the class I am grading for, uses to track all the student submissions and our grading. My hard drive is constantly teetering below 1 GB of free space so I started having git pull’s fail due to lack of hard drive space (and it’s a PAIN to recover from that issue when half the files are around and half aren’t).

I naturally tried removing the files locally. This does work if I am religious about only using git add -u . in the specific folder (HW0/my_name) that I was working in.

However I rely in constantly looking at git status and it was totally unusable since it would just have 100s of lines of “deleted: “.

After trying out various combinations of .gitignore, git update-index --skip-worktree, git update-index --assume-unchanged -- graders/HW5/ etc., sparse-checkout, .git/info/exclude, etc. The solution is just a single line (but one that may have to be run repeatedly):

rm -rf HW1 HW2 HW3
git ls-files --deleted -z | git update-index --assume-unchanged -z --stdin

This ignores ALL files listed as “deleted” under “git status” prior to running the above line.


Thanks to: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4589333/git-ignore-locally-deleted-folder

Side note: I bought myself a 2 TB SSD and hopefully that should alleviate some of this, eventually, when I get around to all of the time consuming exporting files from the existing hard drive etc. Hopefully it goes smoothly, wish me luck!

Pandemic Diary #29 – 22 Nov 2020 – Senate, health, fall leaves, cdrama

Scattered thoughts –

A few days got the first flier for voting absentee, and the texts are starting to ramp up as well.

Also got first text about getting tested for Thanksgiving – first piece of advertising I’ve gotten about the pandemic, EVER. And saw finally a communications toolkit. https://www.covidtestingtoolkit.org/about/why-this-toolkit/

Just the amount of advertising and money for the politics was sickening compared to amount of time spent on this deadly disease.

This was also something we dreamed about at the beginning of the pandemic. Cool to see we’ve figured out so much more about the virus that we can make more precise estimates about danger of enclosed space vs touching things. microcovid.org

Went and saw the fall leaves the last two weekends. Once to bell gardens, once on a 10 hr drive around the natalanha scenic highway area.

Understanding campaign jobs:

  • https://fairfight.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/TheAbramsPlaybook.pdf
    “In 2017 and 2018, Abrams ran for governor and diverted from the normal Southern Democrat strategy of centering a campaign on winning as many white swing voters as possible. Abrams did try to win white swing voters, but also invested heavily in boosting turnout among voters of all races in the Atlanta area and among Black people in particular in the state’s more rural areas”
  • https://www.bluebonnetdata.org/post/persuasion-vs-gotv-a-key-to-campaign-strategy
  • https://www.bluebonnetdata.org/post/so-you-want-to-work-in-political-data

I wanted to hold high school registration drive. But losing energy to do so. Also wanted to make a QR app for canvassing so people can literally sign up on the spot. I think people know they should vote but may not have plan yet. What if there was a voter drive at high school? A democracy club? Voting was definitely a huge learning curve, not just show up and circle something. But somehow we have so many elections a year, and you have to fill out this form, and there’s actually like 20 positions up for voting, where to find information about this stuff, the websites for checking status, etc.

Spent last two weekends seeing the fall colors, last weekend fixed upstairs shower. This weekend did yard chores, pine straw.

CDrama – recently just finished third drama of the pandemic. I guess I am becoming something of a cdrama person. Have I actually watched a complete drama before this year? I don’t think so actually. Watching: Joy of Life (impressed at tight plot, excited for 2nd season, ended on cliff hanger), Oh My General (gender bender, general is the lady and a lot of strong female leads), the Untamed (basically no strong female leads, story is pretty uneven and a little nonsensical TBH, but the lead characters are memorable). Then I got sucked in since there’s a giant fandom, so there’s behind the scenes, and then you get to see just HOW MUCH WORK goes into filming a drama that I kind of knew but had no idea the scale (kind of passed over it since there’s just SO MANY palace dramas). It just has an unending amount of extra content lol. Pretty shocking at first / totally unrecognizable out of costume. But yea, cool to see the cable system used for all the flying stunts etc. Even if the story made little sense. EDIT: right what I wanted to write down is, it feels like the writer had a few cool scenes in mind, and cool character interactions in like a fanfic sort of characters, and kind filled in the rest rather haphazardly to get to specific moments in time. So characters seem suddenly all powerful and can’t be taken down, until suddenly they are, why wouldn’t they just be destroyed in the first episode, why are the elders so easy to kill, etc. Yea… Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but this kind of thing where the suspense and tension is caused by clans fighting, the power/magic structure is actually important. Joy of Life plot was way tighter… And in general, cdrama esp. these historical dramas have pretty disappointing female leads sigh.

The “excuse” for these dramas is to learn Chinese. I think my Chinese is improving a bit, some days I’ll use more Chinese terms for things I’d use English for before. But definitely not nearly as much if I had spent 150 hours hard core studying / spaced repetition etc. learning Chinese, I think. IDK.

IRL I have a TON of work on my plate. I don’t know how I spend so much time grading, it really sucks. Read two terry pratchett books. Putzgiving is happening over zoom? Need to finish ISER revision, contract work site redesign, ACTUALLY DO RESEARCH on both the scraping and labeling fronts, figure out where I will be in February? I’m so upset that the pandemic just keeps getting worse and people care less and less. I want to make a website just showing daily life returning to normal for countries that locked down early and hard.

Still slowly working on Russian, but poorly. Still can’t have a 2 sentence conversation…

Still want to set up lasercutter and do some actual hardware projects. Maybe next weekend…

Pandemic Diary #28 – 13 Nov 2020 – Yes!!

It was a squeaker at first, but Biden won GA by at first 1k votes for a while… then slowly trickled in and up to 14k lead. (0.3)

Pretty funny watching the national folks saying “oh, Biden would have to hit 64% of remaining ballots, tough” and I’m like uh it’s absentee ballots in Dem districts, going to be 70-80%.

On Wed. night I bet it’d be Biden flipping GA and up by 6k. Pleasantly surprised!

Okay, but it’s dumb that SoS GA is ordering a manual recount which will be paid for BY THE COUNTIES instead of the trump campaign.

It’s really repugnant and alarming watching these people (e.g. Senators who called for their own person, SoS, to resign) care so much about their power and careers over just basic decency and fighting against autocracy and lies. Depressing.

That first day after, and the headlines were all about Biden’s new team forming etc. What a relief!!

Then after that started hearing about Trump Trump Trump again, but it was such a beautiful relieving moment.

Of course we are off to the GA Senate runoffs… I don’t have much hope, but going to put in as much as I can.

Goals for the next few years: Do that living abroad for 2 years thing, take some language classes (French, Arabic, and Russian) beforehand, sail down ICW and across the ocean.

I’m stressed to be making little progress in research. But in the end it is my own life, and I am only stressed because other people around me are stressed. If I look inside I’m totally happy to be taking this semester a little easy, and I have pretty good confidence that I will get these two papers published and graduate within the next year and a half or so, including a summer internship. I’ll find contract work if I can’t find funding. And hopefully still get to take those classes I always wanted to… sigh. I guess the goal is to pass quals… then enroll in all the classes ever, while TAing two sections…

I’ve sort of lost enthusiasm about Russian as I hit the parts where it’s clear I should be learning the grammar / conjugations. And still can’t even just have a 3 sentence conversation. So losing motiviation… feel like I need to take a class somehow. Do homework.

The virus is just out of control in the US. Depressing. 100k+ new cases a day a week ago… now we’re at 160k+ new cases. It’s crazy. Yet still barely see it on the news. Or the comparisons to Australia / how well things *could* be.

The wave in Europe is kind of shocking to me. But I guess there must be two cohorts at play: individual responsibility and government responsibility. And like a forest fire, a small spark can grow rapidly out of control…

I really want to go back to my own life soon, but with the way cases are going… vs January… the peak in April looked so scary at the time – exponential growth – but the growth right now is insane compared to that, just a sheer straight line up. Why is news about the stock market mixed into the coronavirus section of washingtonpost. It’s easy I guess to cover businesses and harder to cover the impact on individuals? Not sure what’s going on there.

I scraped a bunch of poll waiting time data. I ought to do EDA on that.

Pandemic Diary #27 – 06 Nov 2020 – maybemaybemaybe

We had a house seat flip!

GA may flip blue! Biden currently has the lead in GA. (And probably the nation?)

Two runoffs that may determine control of the Senate!

Drove around yesterday helping inform people who may need to fix issues with their absentee ballot. (Apparently, super easy – just a photo of id and signed form and email it in to county chair). Felt like I did my part. Maybe two thousand of these in the whole state.

Satisfied with social distancing measures – a door hanger with the form. Knock. Then step 6 ft back and wait.

Nail biting finish. Winning the runoffs may be rough. We may not have final results for another week – too addicting to watch play by play (and definitely silly to do so for three days lol).

Trying to still get work done.

My county is still counting ballots – hopefully will add to the lead. My hope/bet is/was for closer to a 6k lead in the end … we will see! Going to be tough.

Pandemic Diary #26 – AHHH!

Just slowly eeking down tenths of percentages from Trump’s count. Will GA flip Blue?? Will Perdue and Ossoff go to a runoff??

Who knows, but seems like I’ll be vote “curing” all day tomorrow!

On that note, time to sleep. Battled python2 vs python3 conversion all day today to little success.

Pandemic Diary #25b – AHHHHH?

Whew lads what a ride

Michigan and Wisconsin called for Biden – was looking so shady all through 10am or something. Which improves situation a bit. Also Florida passed $15 minimum wage!

And Georgia is STILL in the air!! Oh god. 9pm is the next update. Biden is behind but the remaining counts are likely heavily Democrat… One Senate seat to runoff. Maybe the second one can go too if we get it below 50% ??

Signed up for ballot curing — helping people get their ballots counted, who had any issues & need to submit pictures of ID + affidavit.

Pandemic Diary #25 – Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Man, I was right to get the blog back into a working state (behind the scenes, on the server side – i broke SSH access even though the site was up, had to restore from snapshot).

And also I read so much about the blue/red shift but I didn’t think it would matter so never considered how it would feel emotionally. And boy. I need to stop myself from checking every 10 minutes but it’s so hard.

Michigan started out way behind… now it is competitive. Looked like a goner when I went to sleep.

I guess we are only upset since polls said there would be a landslide even with some polling error. But there is clearly not. It seems dubious we will win back a Senate majority.

My county in GA had issues counting absentee and we are majority Dem county. So I can’t precisely say I’m holding out hope but holding despair at bay is how I feel about it.

I did at least learn how the vote counting process looks like!!

Philadelphia City Commissioners Live Stream
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zzb-7EH-MQ

Right now I think there is still hope for Biden presidency, but less for a Senate majority. Also slim chance of breaking trifecta at state level in GA – I didn’t realize the state level candidates were being outraised so badly at the state level, I should’ve donated more. State legislature controls re-districting and how un-democratic things are for the next decade I guess (at the federal house of rep level I think? Not sure).

Really does feel like the backsliding of the United States.

And tired! So tired!! Warnock vs Loeffler going to the runoff is not great news – combined repub is ~50+% while Warnock is at ~30 or 40%. So yea. I will have to keep fighting.

I guess if it is two Senate seats / deciding Senate majority (though only for two years…) I would feel somewhat like I ought to pitch in completely. I think the 2 or 3 days… did not run through the tape. I’m not sure what’s up with my county Dem party.

It feels overwhelming! Why do I have to care? How did we end up here where rights we won in half a century ago are in danger (Roe vs Wade, the repeat of the Voting Rights Act)?

Fingers crossed that my district goes Dem at the house of rep level. But we have no idea… too close. Too close = could actually go either way, and that is just messed up when there are over 230,000 DEAD Americans. I blame the rich’s funding of the media, but I have no idea anymore.

Pandemic Diary #24, 03 Nov 2020 – Election Day!

Wow okay so I broke SSH access to my server (in the middle of updating it) so it took me a month to get around to restoring a backup that had SSH intact. Anyway, it’s election day – hopeful that Georgia will get a few blue state legislators, that my district will turn blue!!! For house of rep! Closest race in the country! I should’ve done more ahhh

We’ll find out if this nightmare will be getting any better in the next few days.

Okay, this is kind of just a placeholder post for me to check that everything migrated cleanly.

Pandemic Diary #23, 07 Sep 2020 – Figs, Chinese IME, International relations, Arduino cat books, Coursera Russian, Research


Okay what’s up with the rest. Went fig picking today, more fun than I imagined. One of dogs is very sick though, only two made it out with us 🙁

Social Life

Regular social schedule: Avatar (ep 17 next), puzzles with assorted people (curious cookoff — good quality, decided to chip in recommended amount). Avatar: simple stories, but the animation and sound and world-building are all great. Slowly drawing more people into puzzle hunts… hope to bring new folks to MIT Mystery Hunt. Sporadic 2redbeans, Speaky, Chinese penpals, LingQ for chinese content with subtitles and popup definitions


Coursera – has Russian course for auditing, https://www.coursera.org/learn/russian-alphabet/exam/4RDrE/exercises-alphabet, keybr to learn russian keyboard, 6.341 intro to prob on Edx (can never hurt to refresh on stats) (OCW, more practice). TAing CS109a for some structure – have a friend TAing so that will make things better, plus they have something like 30 TAs due to hiring undergrads so it takes some of the pressure off for timely response / TAing long office hours. Hoping to have a fun TA experience — I’ve only had stressful ones so far, due to having to TA for funding or while being on egg shells around my advisor or classes.

Treasure hunts / Moving

Cleaning! I was going to talk about what I call a “treasure hunt” — finding all sorts of stuff by cleaning out old bookshelves, keeping the good stuff (handwritten diaries etc.) and donating/throwing out the junk (outdated books, mass paperback common books that can be e-bought). Realized — Gosh, forgot the whole ordeal last weekend. Went to Boston and moved all my stuff out. By “went” I mean drove the 2000+ miles with my parents, returning with all my stuff including two bikes. Somehow survived just fine. Don’t ever want to do it again – plan to ship stuff back up / fly with it a few boxes at a time. January… I will know the next president by then!! Better hecking be Biden.
Things learned: sometimes pick intermediate cities for better traffic routing. “service areas” up north, “rest stops” down south – service areas have gas restrooms and parking lots for sleeping; rest stops just have restrooms and parking lots; be prepared to navigate after toll booths – a lot of route changes can happen just getting out

Google maps preview of the route
Starting, on the way back

Sold a bunch of furniture on Facebook Marketplace and craigslist for the first time. Surprisingly easy.

Keeping an eye out for autonomous sailboat activities still. (Finished reading most chapters of “voyaging handbook” a while ago). Dreaming still!! With dinghies it’s nice – can feel my improvement each day, and satisfies my desire for independence from others.

Chinese input, typewriters, regional dialects

Listened to radiolab episode about wubi zi https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/articles/wubi-effect. Interesting points: At one point Mao had committee for getting rid of Chinese characters. The invention of wubi disbanded that – and in speed competitions wubi input often wins still. How wubi declined due to government promotion of pinyin, which apparently might be sort of a push toward more uniform pronunciation.

I can feel that effort since my parents are southern and the zi zhi ci chi distinction are less prominent, making it hard to for me to type using pinyin.

Talk by what appears to be… a nerd collecting normal typewriters sucked into a years-long rabbit hole about the history of Chinese (mechanical) typewriters involving making a museum exhibit, giving talks, running a Kickstarter, and writing two books.

Impact of predictive input (for mobile phones)

Toward the end Mullaney talks a bit about predictive input in Chinese — I realized that some of the words I try to say in Chinese I don’t know how to write, and don’t pop up on the cellphone menu — they’re actually regional sayings, making much harder to input, and how that might standardize not just pronunciation but also language/dialect. To find: go to baidu.com and type in the pinyin, and the “suggested search” results will include how to “spell” the words.

This is what it looks like when the predictive input fails and you have to find the exact character you want… very annoying, usually faster to type a full two-character saying and backspace out the extra character.

Full pinyin

Apparently Vannevar Bush from MIT did work related to the Chinese input methods as well. He didn’t know there is a stroke order — I didn’t think about this, but yea, there’s a consistency so that everyone draws the character in the same order of strokes, which can be exploited for decomposing characters into orderly inputs.

I guess this must have come later, but actually in a dictionary you can look up by the radical and then the number of additional strokes. Works fairly well.

A fairly predictable outcome of having computers is the standardization of writing – “setting in stone”. For instance, we developed lowercase letters from uppercase letters over centuries of lazy writing. Hirigana in Japanese also come from Chinese characters (apparently?). So, letters stop “evolving”.

At the sentence levels, there’s studies about English in which people wrote shorter less descriptive captions of images when using autocomplete. https://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2020/05/predictive-text-systems-change-what-we-write

What I didn’t think about was – the impact of Chinese predictive input, on regional dialects, not just the pronunciation but also the sayings used! See “baidu” image earlier.

Though there is this narrative of the “Chinese government removing individuality”, fortunately in real life there is still a lot of regional pride. I found a game show on youtube testing people’s knowledge of jiang xi nan chang fang yan, which is the regional dialect my parents know (but I don’t know). 江西南昌方言。

Chinese Assistive Tech

This brings up the interesting question of how alternative input works for the disabled, in languages other than English. There’s the iconic view of Stephen Hawkings (RIP) who could only move his eyes but still interfaced well to a a voice producer using eye movements. What if you don’t speak English though? What are assistive computer interfaces like for non English typing… I did a brief google search and couldn’t find.

Feelings about the wider world

I’ve apparently totally given up on activism which I feel greatly conflicted about. We’re up to what – almost 190k deaths (188.8 thousand), 6.3 million cases, 30-40k new cases daily, just under 1000 people dying every day – and I can’t find the energy to do anything. It all just feels so, so futile. No new stimulus check of benefits for the 1/8 Americans who are hungry. A president supporting conspiracy theories and declaring things “un-American” and straight up supporting killers and conspiracy theories, surrounding himself with quackpots.


https://www.washingtonpost.com/ Retrieved 07 Sept 2020

I know what I think should happen – put the public health epidemiologists in charge. Don’t listen to the business people. Think long term (3 months) rather than short term (2 weeks). Seriously, what the fk people. There’s regional bright spots – NYC is doing a lot better. But the country as a whole… and Trump’s (low) approval remains unchanging among his supporters. We can only hope that they’re still disincentivized from voting.

Okay, that was a long rant. But I feel like I wrote these op-eds and did this campaign and what – nothing happened. The optimism I got from when the protests turned out to be way more successful than I thought – when I though the youth of the US were united – to see the multiethnic protests, it brought such optimism. But now predictably people are forgetting and becoming less open to the protests. Pandemic activism probably in part cost me ⬜⬜⬜⬜, so I feel compelled to put it up on my resume (nrobot.dev). But feel slimy doing so. The op-eds, petitions – by themselves they are nothing without the work to build a whole environment of activism around it, emailing legislators etc. (Another thing I was shocked by in my correspondence – that many state reps are pretty Trumpian in being okay with conspiracy theories and racism and anti-Semitism and the whole nine yards – cf radiolab “flag and the fury” that many state reps in MI still went to segrationist schools growing up).

Not sure how to volunteer on COVID or politically in a way that will help. Hoping to take a week off, two weeks before Election Day – help people get their absentee ballots in. Used a drive-by drop box for the first time this year.

Arduino and Cats

I’ve been working on writing up the Arduino tutorials we did during summer camp for a while now. Lack of focus, tried to figure out how to tie all the projects together, make it actually useful, make it different than others on the market (there’s a book “65 projects with Arduino” or something… I even learned from the sample pages about the REF for reference voltage on Arduino I’d never looked into!). Finally decided to orient around a cat / pets theme. Doesn’t seem to exist on the market, so it’ll give clear guidance around how to structure the material. Will be obligatory to make it super cute…!


We’re in stealth mode for now… Scheduling meetings with people, reading papers, getting work done.

International Relations

Getting late, I’ll just make a list for now.

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31125556-destined-for-war – covers history so not 100% US-China centric; very interesting to read comments that are very articulate and then include theories such as “chinese with their lack of individuality in society will never truly innovate” — from 2017! now in 2020 other countries are banning 5G tech from China that their own companies can’t produce for such cost. interesting to see these theories versus what actually happens. –> bought on play books to read! after guns germs and steel

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/90540.Overthrow from the person interviewed in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTmYGY_shFw – was curious – doesn’t actually answer the question in the title! (how many countries has US invaded)

Nice list of documentaries https://www.youtube.com/c/DWDocumentary/videos from what seems to be the German equivalent of NPR

Reading from friend – https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/political-commentary/covid-19-end-of-american-era-wade-davis-1038206/

Also first time heard of Bradykinin storm – interesting to see science emerge in realtime about all the unknowns of this virus!

“According to the team’s findings, a Covid-19 infection generally begins when the virus enters the body through ACE2 receptors in the nose … a bradykinin storm — a massive, runaway buildup of bradykinin in the body …. dramatically increases vascular permeability. In short, it makes your blood vessels leaky. This aligns with recent clinical data, which increasingly views Covid-19 primarily as a vascular disease, rather than a respiratory one. But Covid-19 still has a massive effect on the lungs. As blood vessels start to leak due to a bradykinin storm, the researchers say, the lungs can fill with fluid. … it increases production of hyaluronic acid (HLA) in the lungs… When it combines with fluid leaking into the lungs, the results are disastrous: It forms a hydrogel, which can fill the lungs in some patients… “Regardless of how much oxygen you pump in, it doesn’t matter, because the alveoli in the lungs are filled with this hydrogel,” Jacobson says. “The lungs become like a water balloon.” … Patients can suffocate even while receiving full breathing support

Alright, going to end there. Parting image…

It begins

brought back my robot vacuum from boston

Pandemic Diary #18, 26 July 2020 –

It’s been a while since the last post. I’m not sure why I’ve found it so difficult to remember to journal, and instead spend my downtime  reading the news / playing with the cat. I suppose a lot of stuff has happened that I don’t feel comfortable talking about publicly, which has hindered my journaling.

Currently: Mad about governor suing atlanta mayor to strike down mask mandate. Mad at politicians in general for thinking they know better than history and health experts. A lot of ABSURD things – e.g. the secretary of state website about elections essentially running negative campaign against Abrams and her campaign to get people to vote. (??)

Started: Using OBS Studio and livestreaming.

Taught cat a few more tricks. Attached xioami band to her collar. Cat toilet training: going kinda poorly. Soon: teach cat to use buttons to speak?

Need to clean all rooms. Need to throw things out and reclaim spaces. Need to set up lasercutter.

Finally sorted out YNAB today. Has a confusing mindset on savings: that you want to have a *purpose* for them, or else it’s easy to “steal” from them for random splurges. Forced me to put in some financial goals, which are really the same a life goals. Also put into perspective my “charity deficit” if I’m really aiming for around 10% of my income (that is probably too high, for a grad student income. 50/30/20 – 50% needs, 30% wants, 20% wishes). Savings – looked up the standard stuff, like how much down payment on house, kids, etc. cost. Running for Congress — about $300k to start, for House (!). Must try to think of how it will be worthwhile even if I lose. Harvard probably owes me money still. Sort out soon. Make retainer molds (perpetually putting this off, and anything I think can’t do perfectly).

Is the money not better spent instead of political ads, on public education about wearing masks and staying inside??

Special election – nov 3 – make sure to keep on radar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_Senate_special_election_in_Georgia

Todo: research those two candidates.

I’m thinking: phd by publication. Power of union?

Yesterday: Many libraries give free access to Mango Languages. Todo: include mom on family plan. Learning: russian.

Daily todos:
☑ Update portfolio (techmakers)
☑ Draft emails – ES RR
☐ other profs
☐ 3 papers / propose
☐ read & summarize 3 papers — a lot more really good work in this field in the last 3 years! and many more people at MIT
☐ Scotia + organizer
☐ Fat chance stats lesson ☑ Mango/Duo
☑ YNAB Budgeting
☐ Pandemic blog
☐ Non DL baseline ☐ Temporal mask RCNN
☐ Union – help / healthcare
☐ Clean room ☐ Clean cat room ☐ Clean study room
☐ COVID Activism (state legisl)
☐ ESP8266 ☐ Mulch roses
☐ IL Homework
☐ Faucet ☐ Postcard to friends

Videos watched today: yoga 15 mins. (set up with chromecast / cron script). electrostatic mlem. trevor noah.

Read: washpost, nytimes. Understand: why is NAACP not tax deductible (to free it to do more political activism – donate to charitable sister org instead). (biden victory fund – first few thousands go to biden, next thousands to DNC, then next thousands to state parties). Life you can save vs give well – more gender parity organizations in former. (Is it imperialistic giving? Paternalistic to have this effective altruism outlook?). I have strong feelings after living few a few weeks in place with no running water / little electricity / basically no streetlamps, hence my 80% split toward non-US nonprofits). 80k hours – guess I’m on my way as an AI researcher and with expertise in China. (Found a pen pal on speaky – hope to increase conversations more). A lot of my chinese is grammatically incorrect. Still motivated by how, when I went on my own to see my ?great aunt?, it felt impossible to communicate anything more complicated than “love you” – things about college, economy, politics totally misunderstood.

Bought a lot from IKEA to remodel mom’s kitchen. Will arrive in a month (delivery). Wanted to pick up, but no openings online. I think if I had infinite money I’d spend some significant portion on IKEA lol. It has so many well thought out, inexpensive things. (Though, still I have two water bottles I rarely use — I always feel like my water might be kinda moldy).

Saw comet two days ago!!! 😀

Am happy to get my hands on a digit.ml soon – want to play around with camera. Cool to see others joining in order!

(important to have healthy media diet, and be aware of biases in intake!)

Savings – actually starting to invest my Roth. Pretty cool to see.
Need more side money — and build up portfolio – how? (Banks?)
Need to apply to more awards – look more enticing to people

Roses still doing poorly. Need to mulch to get rid of future weeds. Not sure best practices (do I need to weed beforehand?). Need to do more dishes and cooking. Have more “date nights” with parents, that’s what I want! (Virtual museum visits? Karaoke?)

Uncertain about going back in September. Want to, but feel like I have so much to do. Want to take a semester off to focus on myself, my family, and my career, on ways to address COVID, on volunteering and mentoring. Not sure how to run past parents. Won’t have major costs? Just health insurance. Want to push out quals. Otherwise, teaching – could be not too stressful? Not sure. (Probably not).