Pandemic diary, 27 April 2020

I’ll hopefully revise this into a more thorough post later.

(whoops, was going to document all my activist work, what it was like trying to figure out how to move the needle politically, made a list of worries instead)

One thing I’d been hoping to do was keep a daily journal of my life during this pandemic. That unfortunately hasn’t happened, but I think I’ll try to start now.

“Luxury” activities:

  • Going to remove the black spot leaves from roses today, then spray them down with pesticide
  • Planted some green onions yesterday, as well as chives, and that one onion that sprouted in my garage. Water them
  • Do some weeding, the flower garden is overrun
  • Continue coddling new cat
  • Move up the ping pong table from the basement

COVID worries:

  • What if my cat comes down with the virus from the vet, and then I catch it, and I won’t know for a week?
  • I keep worrying about whether I’m feeding the cat too little and it’ll develop liver disease, while wondering if I’m feeding too much because the amounts are small enough that a few extra kibbles make a significant difference
  • Will making it jump for using the litter box and getting food (for exercise) hurt its joints
  • When will I be able to go back to Boston? Do I need to find someone to sublet for the summer? It feels like my life plan is losing another year, when I already lost one to being very sick a few years back
  • What if my cat’s dental problems are why it’s always leaving a few scraps of wet food, which are annoying to clean in the upstairs sink? I have 20  cans of this kind (large chunks), and I don’t think I should buy 20 more cans to get pate. Maybe I should donate my original cans, but then I’d have to order online which seems unethical when I have enough
  • I’ve decided it’s unethical to buy online a $15 xiaomi band to track how active my cat is being lol

Non-academic Todo list:

  • Write op-ed about the ridiculousness of opening up Georgia “flying blind” – without testing and contact tracing; the goal to contact trace within 48 hours and test all contacts
  • Write op-ed about hating on China and what it’s like to be a Chinese American trying to get Georgians to take this seriously, and having to make sure to state that I’m “born and raised Georgian”
  • Make PPE?
  • Background reading on modelling interventions? (Nah, let’s wait until meeting tomorrow)
  • Figure out what to make for mother’s day!
  • Go back to watching / reading something Chinese every day to improve my Chinese
  • Make some Cake / Chinese pastries
  • Make orange fried cauliflower
  • Learn some Chinese dishes
  • Build a cat tower??
  • Build the basement??
  • Set up lasercutter and manufacture PPE??

Academic list:

  • Read up more on cosine, poison FFT
  • HW1-3
  • Final Project
  • ROS package
  • Blender
  • Existing code – run and underrstand


  • Onions should be in full sun
  • Articles read
    • Provincial
    • Taiwan
    • NPI
    • More people still re-spreading sulfur rumors debunked two months ago!
    • welp
    • Because I can read / listen to Chinese, interesting to see the omissions and (well complete fabrication, hopefully mishap in editing process). Western bias is a thing  – COVID-19 in China, South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan | DW Documentary – YouTube


  • Chinese DJ Remix 2017
  • L+R Wang Lu & Yu Miao | Boiler Room Beijing