Pandemic Diary #39 – 12 Mar

it’s so weirrrdd to think about in the future when we will look back at this as such a weird phase in our lives, just a set of memories of life lived and past

yesterday had the insane news that parents will get first vaccine dose next week

i actually just kinda cried a bit it was such a feeling of relief, my heart was thinking i will maybe get the vaccine in august, and hopefully my parents in may. this is so sudden and soon. I had read the vaccination plan and between 65+ and the 16-65 age group, there were three other groups (eg grocery store workers). i didn’t realize just how much the threat of them falling sick and being of the 1% that dies was weighing on me. (dear stars maybe we can stop wiping down our groceries, waiting three days to open mail, and eat takeout freely).

I have pondered why I don’t ask for pay (yes, my parents own their home so I can be the proverbial millenial living with their parents during the pandemic). Is it because I am being too meek, downtrodden, etc.? But it doesn’t quite feel like that.

I think the reason is pride. That I’m tired of working hard to please people for what in the end feels like no good reason. That at least this way I get some say in what I do. That I don’t feel beholden to anyone. I should definitely prioritize more of my own fun projects though. I have to remember that I am living this life for myself.

reading the moment of lift – something that keeps going through my head. at one point she adds up the excess time of household chores done by women vs men, and it totals up to enough time to get a master’s degree.

was going to boycott kroger, but the most reasonable option next is target, however it’s unreasonable to spend a 40 minute round trip instead of a 10 minute round trip. instead idea was to put a tip in an envelope. totally failed at that.

was not in the least vegetarian this year. console myself with the fact that i did zero flying, which is also good for the environment, albeit bad for airline employees.