Pandemic Diary #66 – is it over yet (23 Sep 2021)

here is a random brain dump

  • labor day: sailing to ptown and back (engines and ferries oh my)
  • low wind waffles, free covid testing
  • portland to quincy, autopilot
  • contrapoints / music
  • taking the initiative / stealing hobbies, flying
  • pay: what is appropriate? being bad at getting paid
  • graduate school / collaborators
  • living without a physical credit card and all the difficulties caused by this
  • moving & new roommates: cats
  • litter robot, marsh
  • setting up my room: floor furniture, somewhat-minimalism
  • fishing, peddocks, dinghies with wheels
  • outdoor dining, delta, and mosquitoes
  • smaller stuff: 3d printers not working, escape the room puzzles,