Roe v Wade: some facts and stories I learned over time

protest at boston commons at noon on saturday May 14

will likely keep updating with more stuff / sources.

podcast about legal analysis:
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other random stuff I didn’t know until recently

  1. late term abortions are infrequent and by definition for babies that likely have names and nursery rooms already
  2. in 2009 (!) a dr was shot dead in his church
  3. the visceral description of daily clinic harassment
  4. the only moral abortion is my abortion – anti-choice protestors justifying their own abortions, then going back to sidewalk harassment
  5. state-funded fake clinics that purposefully trick people by locating near actual clinics and get money to tell medical lies
  1. 6 week ban -> turns out measured from last period ! -> you might only be 2 wks pregnant
  2. also exception for life-threatening = have to wait until you literally might die (for a baby that will die – see ectopic pregnancy)
  3. US has one of highest maternal mortality rates in developed world
  4. Childbirth is dangerous: Every 100th to 200th birth led to the mother’s death in the 19th century
  5. “There are, however, a few countries where a young women today is more likely to die in childbirth than her mother was a generation ago: the United States, Serbia, Georgia, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, North Korea, Jamaica, Tonga, Venezuela, South Africa, Suriname, Guyana and Zimbabwe.”

More stories here:

” My aunt was married. She had a 4 year old daughter. They wanted another baby and finally she got pregnant. It wasn’t viable. Her doctor told her she needed an abortion. Sadly this was in the south and the only hospital able to do an abortion denied her. Told her it was immoral and disgusting and she needs to do her best to keep the pregnancy alive. She died of septic shock. The wanted pregnancy didn’t survive. It was just death. Her husband was left a widower and her daughter grew up without a mother. This could have been prevented. It would have been so easy. “

“My situation also opened my eyes to how dangerously deranged these politicians are that they think ‘fertilization’ means personhood. My pregnancy was never viable, but if republicans get their way, doctors could be forced to let women like me bleed to death rather than provide basic healthcare.

“We unfortunately live in a very red state with trigger laws ready to go once Roe is overturned. I don’t think I want to take the risk of another pregnancy if I’m not able to access abortion services if something goes wrong. There are so many things that can go wrong with pregnancy that would put my life at risk if I couldn’t get a D&C. I’m not willing to leave my son motherless for a chance at another pregnancy, I just won’t risk it.”

Protest info:

re vasectomies, they’re reversible.
‘”It’s a simple 15 minute surgery and you’re back to work after a couple of days.” Reversal is 30-60 min procedure.

“As a man who is fucking furious about this, I’ve still found that sometimes my wife and I aren’t upset at the same time (whenever we each read the news, really) and even that leads to some friction.

Sometimes it can feel like the house is on fire and you wonder why your partner is doing the dishes.”

hm, not upset like I was through 2015-2016. I didn’t go to any BLM or Ukraine protests, and read about it but didn’t reach out to anyone or anything. So. Golden rule, don’t expect of others, just be happy I know so many people that do care!