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2.007 (aka earn credit for building a robot) – Hexalinkagepod

d’aww, isn’t it cute?

I finished (for small degrees of finish) my simple linkage hexapod robot for 2.007, aka Design and Manufacturing I. This is MIT’s fabled class, from which sprung forth the FIRST Robotics Competition, which is probably the reason I applied to MIT in the first place (go Team 1261!). Building this turned out to be more complicated than I ever imagined. It doesn’t work well, but it’s super cute 😀 Yay for the first robot I ever built from scratch!

Fairly extensive photos from the build process here on picasaweb:

 (most of timestamps are 2 to 3 days off, and 12 hours off. camera settings fail)

I also wrote some Arduino documentation for my fellow 2.007 students. See

Edit 4/3/11: A lot more documentation went up recently, so I wanted to note that the only I wrote above page. The rest is the wonderful work of the 2.007 staff.