totally unrealistic plans, IAP edition

alright I’m feeling the lack of side projects

dec 17-24 pov yoyo

dec 24-31 animation robots doing tricks (in physics) – deepmimic (See / 2020 unfinished / quadraped)

jan 1-7 redo inadvisable relationship chatbot with spatialtransformers / gpt3

jan 7-14 finish / deploy app for unconscious bias

jan 14-21 arm throw primitive

jan 21-28 bird/cat ml

jan28-feb 4 oceans openai gym if not complete yet (classes start)

feb4-11 ?? qipao? papersignal svggen? rosie book? make an actually nice inverted pendulum?

couchto5k, codewars, internship applications, stat110

other thoughts: why finish the PhD? my answer: the statistic that minorities earn lower income even with higher degree — to compensate / be taken seriously / take myself seriously and demand better for myself