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Laser-etched Sushi (nyansushi?) (aka, lasercutter settings for seaweed)

inspired by Designer Nori except theirs turned out a lot better (how did they get their seaweed to burn so white and not be affected by the humidity of the rice?)

Designer Nori.  img src [x]

recently made some sushi for the excellent cathy wu

lasercutter settings epilog 120w: raster, 600dpi, 100% speed, 5% power

step 1. coreldraw + clipart I borrowed from the internet

step 2. print to lasercutter using aforementioned settings
(without taping the seaweed down, it would go flying everywhere thanks to air assist constantly pulling air out of the lasercutter)

step 3. make all the ingredients for sushi
(rice with white wine vinegar seasoning, some raw bell pepper, a lightly boiled green onion strand, egg, and some carrots blanched for two minutes, where I learned blanche = immediately quench in cold water to stop cooking from continuing)
I didn’t try any so +Cathy Wu will just have to let me know how it tastes.

words facing up just for show! obviously no one will read something on the inside of the sushi roll…

step 4. roll it up
rice goes on 2/3 of the roll. make sure to spread the rice in the right place (just think about it carefully) and that the words are facing down unlike the previous picture which is just for show or else the words will be covered up.
Seems to fair worse when the humidity of the rice affects the seaweed.

i’m wearing a chaihuo tshirt — it’s a makerspace in shenzhen, china

Obligatory nyancat related laser thing.

[notes] lasercutters and nyancat nails and such

Hrm, so apparently it is important to make money. Also, it’s important to be happy! 🙂 Therefore I should investigate all the silly things on the internet.

Here are some notes to myself:

image from the instructables

 Lasercutter interlocks~

But overall, it seems like a much better idea to not lasercut body parts directly 😛

Nyancat nails! Hattip to Jordan for sending me this via the facelols.

Fascinating, so it seems like there’s some paper which you deposit gunk on and then transfer it to your nails. Why does everything sound like 3d printing to me now?

Ah! It’s a stencil. Hrm. So the stencil can definitely be lasercut. The rubber stamp seems like it’d be easy to make as well.

Lasercut acrylic, bent into a bracelt:

image from instructables linked above

Hrm, can do a lot with that. I bet I could tuck a small working hexapod into such a bracelet… *plots*

I made a video about hexapods.

I made a video about hexapods! yay. I’d estimate it was a full 4 or 5 days working on it, learning final cut pro along the way. It basically covers my journey through 2.007 two years ago, and is meant to be a resource for students in the class.

Note to self: shortcuts: < > ctrl-= alt-w

Meanwhile, I think an instructable a week sounds like an excellent plan for Spring semester senior year.